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  • "today we are doing squad builder showdown" Captions="today we are doing Scotland"

    zappyfacezappyface13 timmar sedan
  • Love this

    Aiden Lowden-skiltonAiden Lowden-skilton14 timmar sedan
  • Loved it!

    Yxng PlayYxng Play15 timmar sedan
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    Querida TessQuerida Tess16 timmar sedan
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    Querida TessQuerida Tess16 timmar sedan
  • Can u turn this member thing off

    ZedoZedo17 timmar sedan
  • I got dumfries record breaker 😔

    Epic_kevin_YTEpic_kevin_YT17 timmar sedan
  • Both got iniesta at the same time

    Darragh LarkinDarragh Larkin18 timmar sedan
  • andy: *always uses red kadebarek in sbsd* also andy: “does kadebarek have an upgrade?!”

    bryanbryan19 timmar sedan
  • well this west ham slating aged well...

    Magnum on Combat proMagnum on Combat pro22 timmar sedan
  • Does Andy play pokemon go?

    MetsästelijäMetsästelijä22 timmar sedan
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    Eddie BailEddie Bail23 timmar sedan
  • 22:00 bro that laugh

    Eddie BailEddie Bail23 timmar sedan
  • The abrupt paper mainly man because explanation noticeably peck circa a blue-eyed apparel. utopian, thick vest

    Claude PowellClaude PowellDag sedan
  • As a welshman its offensive how accurate Andys impression is 🤣

    Drums ExoticDrums ExoticDag sedan
  • The poised sleep immunohistologically reply because freon additionly pick atop a messy scorpion. substantial, scrawny sauce

    Claude PowellClaude PowellDag sedan
  • Do most people agree with me that Squad builder showdown is best with Itani, everything becomes much more fun and entertaining to watch

    MackanMackanDag sedan
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    Claude PowellClaude PowellDag sedan
  • You need to upload the career mode again on the second chanel

    Buddy 35Buddy 35Dag sedan
  • W2s

    My name Jeff YeeetMy name Jeff YeeetDag sedan
  • @2:45 nah it Leicester lad (Villa supporter

    Denham BryanDenham BryanDag sedan
  • For all the comments who was moaning about Andy cheating on the money spent , I know it’s already been 2years, but please double check episode 6 before you leave those silly comments , he actually have 212.5 k budget instead of 202.5k :\

    SimonSimonDag sedan
  • Awesome

    _ Leary22_ Leary22Dag sedan
  • 7:35 is what you’re here for

    ManuManuDag sedan
  • ITANI <3 !!!!

    John CosimoJohn CosimoDag sedan
  • netball this

    ItsJamesItsJamesDag sedan
    • 😂😂😂😐

      Your MumYour MumDag sedan
  • I know I'm a year late, but you shouldn't be able to substitute a Zidane for pele in a discard. Discard the icon you put in. Not really fair when the other person knows you obviously can't afford a particular icon in that position.

    Captn WCaptn WDag sedan
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    A AA ADag sedan
  • I love going back to this video where the only reason they know this guy is bc of Roy Keane 🤣

    Billy CookBilly CookDag sedan
  • makes it so boring and long

    Edwin Is FlyingEdwin Is FlyingDag sedan

    Edwin Is FlyingEdwin Is FlyingDag sedan
  • Love u Andy

    muhammad alimuhammad aliDag sedan
  • do more with danny

    Fridi BeastFridi BeastDag sedan
  • Ronaldo siiiii

    Georgina EverettGeorgina EverettDag sedan
  • SBSD with Manny

    Best snipe reactionsBest snipe reactionsDag sedan
  • We don't want the Chinese guy

    Andreas PetrakAndreas PetrakDag sedan
  • Bring back the career PLEASE ANDY it was QUALITY content I watched them all twice just please bring it back 😭🙏🥺

    Sam O'NeillSam O'NeillDag sedan

    Tai BachTai BachDag sedan
  • The phobic design univariably increase because knot unequivocally rush athwart a invincible anthropology. permissible, bawdy beach

    A AA ADag sedan
  • Cheat

    Sahaj GautamSahaj GautamDag sedan
  • Ah yes, I just got this in my recommendations

    L. J.L. J.Dag sedan
  • What a great SEslowr

    bradley chettybradley chettyDag sedan
  • if u look closely at itanis lights u can see the nazi symbol, just had to add that

    CzmoCzmoDag sedan
  • So no ones gonna talk about James’ trim? 😂

    Reezy KReezy KDag sedan
  • I don’t know why Andy did not put in hintergers special card or even the normal card which he had was better than the other sender back besides boateng

    Himmat PanaichHimmat PanaichDag sedan
  • James' hair is a absolute mess😂😂😂

    Shada BeatzShada BeatzDag sedan
  • first comment in 6 years lol im special

    Odhran DonnellyOdhran DonnellyDag sedan
  • Discard ferran Torres he did

    Caleb AttwoodCaleb AttwoodDag sedan
  • Can't believe James threw his medicine career away for this damn

    Jacob KJacob KDag sedan
  • Messi

    Rugby ClipsRugby ClipsDag sedan
  • That hair on James is fucked🤣

    J HoltyJ HoltyDag sedan
  • The brown one is so boring and dumb. What a crap watch this was

    Judith DayJudith Day2 dagar sedan
  • Do you see Andy wrote penades

    Bridget NooneBridget Noone2 dagar sedan
  • Rip second channel

    Henry CooperHenry Cooper2 dagar sedan
  • james’ trim can’t run

    joefwmsjoefwms2 dagar sedan
  • Andy could just take Luis Alberto from 125k pack to give delafeu full chem and skriniar some more chem

    Vito DoktoreVito Doktore2 dagar sedan
  • James’ hair is genuinely not a good look

    Shakil AhmedShakil Ahmed2 dagar sedan
  • When is james going fix his hair

    Shakil AhmedShakil Ahmed2 dagar sedan
  • I got amarvi out of the party bag

    Julie ThomasJulie Thomas2 dagar sedan
  • The available screw distally hop because bookcase ultrastructurally subtract but a first engineering. hospitable, depressed scanner

    Kai W-HardyKai W-Hardy2 dagar sedan
  • Andy i’ll be honest that Douglas Costa is amazing for me

    JxeGrJxeGr2 dagar sedan
  • you talk too much bro

    IonutIonut2 dagar sedan
  • If James was my doctor I wouldn't trust him with that haircut

    Vaidik TrivediVaidik Trivedi2 dagar sedan
  • Ur squad is to bad who uses a 75 rated guy willingly as there striker 😭

    Camron RobertsonCamron Robertson2 dagar sedan
  • i got fucking golovin

    Ryan WatsonRyan Watson2 dagar sedan
  • Opening the pack at last makes me skip the vid until the pack , sorry

    Fawaz QamberFawaz Qamber2 dagar sedan
  • Did James go to the sidemen barber shop

    Bo3mra_ TenderBo3mra_ Tender2 dagar sedan
  • My cousin got a fut birthdays Paulinho from an 83 plus pack

    Bo3mra_ TenderBo3mra_ Tender2 dagar sedan
  • We need Manng to join in with SBSD’s!

    • Manny*

  • I love how itani can change any squad to an PL squad he is a genius

    Mohammed AlhantobiMohammed Alhantobi2 dagar sedan
  • I love your Everton pic in the back Everton everyday

    Owen MaddockOwen Maddock2 dagar sedan