Squad Builder Showdown BUT Each Section You Switch Fifas

It's just a normal Squad Builder Showdown... BUT EVERY SECTION IS ON A DIFFERENT FIFA!!! Working our way from the retro Fifa 18 all the way back to Fifa 21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Retro #SwitchFifa
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  • Discard ferran Torres he did

    Caleb AttwoodCaleb AttwoodDag sedan
  • 9:15 who else notices James saying “the turns have tabled, Andy” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Nikhil752Nikhil7524 dagar sedan
  • How do they get the grey cards?

    finley dineenfinley dineen5 dagar sedan
    • It’s a concept

      Louis GreenLouis Green4 dagar sedan
  • Andy you should have used serie a bakayoko then malcuit at rb and then koulibaly, romagnoli and donnarumma at gk and cb

    Haribo365Haribo3658 dagar sedan
  • 18.39 james laugh

    Feilim doyleFeilim doyle8 dagar sedan
  • Goe jomes

    Funny ClipsFunny Clips9 dagar sedan
  • Wow big bwain James with his thinking 💭

    Fun with TommyFun with Tommy9 dagar sedan
  • The deeply margin syntactically explode because engine objectively blush from a dangerous box. defeated, actually step-son

    DevDev9 dagar sedan
  • Goe jomez haha haha it’s joe gomez

    Ciaran PlayzCiaran Playz9 dagar sedan
  • James at the beginning: "My knowledge of players should be worse." Actually: Andy's is worse

    KlutzKlutz12 dagar sedan
  • I still don't get it

    Ryin AdamRyin Adam18 dagar sedan
  • Goe jomez? Bruh wtf

    Aggiollo ProAggiollo Pro24 dagar sedan
  • You could have used cech

    Peter VassePeter Vasse24 dagar sedan
  • The pretty celsius iteratively shiver because pink spatially polish up a whole bomb. special, material cardigan

    jonki leshijonki leshi24 dagar sedan
  • I love the fact that he wrote goe jomez instead of Joe gomez

    Cringy CoCringy Co25 dagar sedan
  • Goe Jomez

    TheGamingIndy - Siege and moreTheGamingIndy - Siege and more26 dagar sedan
  • *gareth dembale* best footballer in the world

    Kosmic PowerKosmic Power26 dagar sedan
  • Hé should have stuck with dybala he linked with Messi and pjanic

    Cameron Jackson CustersCameron Jackson Custers27 dagar sedan
  • Buendia plays for my club, Norwich, much better then yoda😂

    Jenni LynchJenni Lynch28 dagar sedan
  • learn to ue your brain andy

    GOODY 300GOODY 30029 dagar sedan
  • Doesn’t Emerson have a storyline card

    K.Mangos 10K.Mangos 1029 dagar sedan
  • Any1 notice he put goe jomez not joe gomez

    Thomas PilkingtonThomas PilkingtonMånad sedan
  • AJ3: has PS4 buttons in his background Meanwhile uses Xbox controller... ._.

    Giorgio GengaGiorgio GengaMånad sedan
  • Goe jomez Andy has written down

    footyboyowen11footyboyowen11Månad sedan
  • Goe jomez hahahahaha

    Chicken For 3Chicken For 3Månad sedan
  • Goe jomez

    Shoxy boxed u !Shoxy boxed u !Månad sedan
  • This is my favourite SEslow video ever and it’s not even close would love to see another 🤣

    Greg BonifaceGreg BonifaceMånad sedan
  • Goe jomez?

    Shashvat SinghShashvat SinghMånad sedan
  • Why didn’t James switch Arthur and pjanic??

    Wanderers ‘till I dieWanderers ‘till I dieMånad sedan
  • If you were smart about this, wouldn’t you just only focus on getting chem for the final team? Like you know arter is in Italy so just focus on that for 21?

    Prince BirbPrince BirbMånad sedan
  • Goe Jomez lmao

    rhysphillips 2289rhysphillips 2289Månad sedan
  • did anyone else realise on fifa21 andy put goe jomez😂😂

    ben rothwellben rothwellMånad sedan
  • Pfff Goe gomez instead of joe gomez Come on Andy

    Ryaan ButtRyaan ButtMånad sedan

    Fill@PieNo!Fill@PieNo!Månad sedan
  • This is one of the funniest squad builder showdown

    Bader AbusulimanBader AbusulimanMånad sedan
  • 'Goe Jomez'

    Finn BaloŕFinn BaloŕMånad sedan
  • Goe jomez

    BarkBarkMånad sedan
  • Should've put Iniesta in goal for Andy😂😂

    Fynn Krause FootballFynn Krause FootballMånad sedan
  • Don't be dissing Rodrigo at Leeds

    Dylan LUFCDylan LUFCMånad sedan

    King of TurtlesKing of TurtlesMånad sedan
  • Joe Gomez More Like Goe Jomez

    DannyBoyGameDannyBoyGameMånad sedan
  • Did anyone realise he sed goe jomez😂

    Aryan BeastAryan BeastMånad sedan
  • Sos but Goe gomes 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Ben IvesBen IvesMånad sedan
  • defo need to do more of these ... bloody funny as !!

    chunky_nathchunky_nathMånad sedan
  • H

    Sverxz54 YTSverxz54 YTMånad sedan
  • You should do it on a draft on we fut and then make them play against eachother

    :0:0Månad sedan
  • “goe jomez”

    Nova_GenoNova_GenoMånad sedan
  • Anyone gonna realize how he spelt Joe Gomez, Goe Jomez????

    Atomic LlamaAtomic LlamaMånad sedan
  • Anybody notice that Andy write down goe jomez instead of joe Gomez lololol

    Chrissy RobertsChrissy RobertsMånad sedan
  • goe jomes

    Haris HassapisHaris HassapisMånad sedan
  • It’s not complicated

    Xd_scept0Xd_scept0Månad sedan
  • Hiro Nakamura be going through time

    Joe GJoe GMånad sedan
  • James hasn’t touched a fanny before

    Ethan CreaseyEthan CreaseyMånad sedan
    • And you have?

      Lone FettLone FettMånad sedan
  • This is seriously hands down one of the best vids ive seen in a long time

    Thiago NoguesThiago NoguesMånad sedan
  • I guessed the rules before they were even said, come on James

    Tekk StormzTekk StormzMånad sedan
  • Goe jomez

    Thomas O brienThomas O brienMånad sedan
  • You should do this with Tom

    Benjamin BessemerBenjamin BessemerMånad sedan
  • Teacher: The test is not confusing The test: Squad Builder Showdown BUT Each Section You Switch Fifas lloll

    Anikait AwaAnikait AwaMånad sedan
  • Andy's face when James said right-wing😊🙁

    Ben TrainorBen TrainorMånad sedan
  • How jomez? I’m confused

    1playgeme61playgeme6Månad sedan
  • One of the best Sbs of all time

    RajbirRajbirMånad sedan
  • It made sense to me straight away

    brzy34brzy34Månad sedan
  • Do this with 16 and 17

    Mrwaffles69Mrwaffles69Månad sedan
  • Did any one notice how he go jomez

    Dylan the goatDylan the goatMånad sedan
  • Do it with W2s next plzzzzzz

    Luca LopezpinedaLuca LopezpinedaMånad sedan
  • "50 year old man" 😂😂

    AminnnAminnnMånad sedan
  • Andy write goe jomez

    IG FreddieIG FreddieMånad sedan
  • 22:34 Chelsea cbs = rudiger and Thiago silva Napoli cbs = Manolas and koulibaly

    Nonof YourbuisnessNonof YourbuisnessMånad sedan
  • You should make it so if you don’t use the trump card it counts as an extra goal for you so then you can debate wheather to do that or not

    elliot wallaceelliot wallaceMånad sedan
  • goe jomez lol

    Leo StimpsonLeo StimpsonMånad sedan
  • “How the turns have tabled Andy” 29:22

    Adam NeillAdam NeillMånad sedan
    • 😂😂😂

      PVPTopicPVPTopic28 dagar sedan
  • This was fire you should do it again

    Farid SagmanFarid SagmanMånad sedan
  • james is probably the funniest guest u have had on SBSD

    Benjamin T. OrregoBenjamin T. OrregoMånad sedan
  • The force is strong with this one!

    Fadi GoanmyFadi GoanmyMånad sedan
  • Are we all just gonna ignore he spelled it goe jomes and said it that way

    Cobie BoydCobie BoydMånad sedan
  • Feel sorry for them playing that rubbish fifa 21 that is so bad the rules dont work during matches. And always get showboating thats ott

    neil bneil bMånad sedan
  • Oh how the turns have tabled - Andy 2021

    Haris FarooqHaris FarooqMånad sedan
  • any one noticed andy has 2 icons

    Barney Cad10Barney Cad10Månad sedan
  • Ny god...i haven't watched aj in years

    smg123smg123Månad sedan
  • I don’t think this is any different to sb on Fifa 21 😂

    kangaroobollockskangaroobollocksMånad sedan
  • should have kept each player at the position and club that he was at in the FIFA that you picked him for.. i.e. on the fifa 19 midfield round, pretend that ronaldo and torres are still la liga cards, and on the fifa 20 fullback round pretend arthur and coutinho were still at barca

    Michael SusnjerMichael SusnjerMånad sedan
  • Goe Jomez

    RMOGRMOGMånad sedan
  • This just did not work but was such a good video 😂

    Party 13Party 13Månad sedan
  • so basically you can just play fifa 21 you just made it long youve ran out of content ideas

    DriipeliseoDriipeliseoMånad sedan
  • when you relies the rules at the end of the game : /

    James GamesJames GamesMånad sedan
  • andy should get miniminter on sbsd

    12 Bedford Road12 Bedford RoadMånad sedan
  • whats the song on 13.29?

    Johan VerhoogJohan VerhoogMånad sedan
  • Idea: do it from fifa 21 to fifa 18

    Ben CraggsBen CraggsMånad sedan
  • I dont know why but it got me when James said oh how the turns have tabled 29:20 😂

    Jacob OteroJacob OteroMånad sedan
  • These 2 sbs is the only FIFA content I watch

    J CahunJ CahunMånad sedan
  • can someone tell me the james yt

    conner shennanconner shennanMånad sedan
  • My favourite video so far something different

    L LL LMånad sedan
  • Nobody else noticed how Andy could have had Varane, Ramos and Any laliga goalie

    Javan AllenJavan AllenMånad sedan
  • Andy and James content is elite

    Spronkles12Spronkles12Månad sedan
  • “It’s not over the line” who just thought of mark goldbridge then

    Fraser CornwallFraser CornwallMånad sedan
    • 😂

      Max BMax BMånad sedan
  • This comment is impossible to reply to

    If you WouldIf you WouldMånad sedan
  • Goe gomez

    Brianphillip MBBrianphillip MBMånad sedan
  • Great video idea love the creativity andy

    Clem ClemClem ClemMånad sedan
  • So James woke up and chose violence.

    Johey ChristianJohey ChristianMånad sedan
  • 27:14 goe jomez

    Archie AustinArchie AustinMånad sedan