GUARANTEED 85+ SBC PACK!!! Fifa 21 Pack And Play

BASICALLY GUARATEED ALL WALKOUTS!!! 85+ SBC Pack and Play with James #Fifa21 #PackAndPlay #SBC
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  • Wait ✋ Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins and Died for you he died for please repent for your sins Jesus Christ died on the Cross for you

    It’s ImLanzzzIt’s ImLanzzz2 dagar sedan
  • Not 95 Benzema tho lad

    Andythetree charlieAndythetree charlie4 dagar sedan
  • I opened my party bag and I got 93 RTTF Oblak

    P90RACKS.P90RACKS.4 dagar sedan
  • Keep the shelves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yooo LoooYooo Looo9 dagar sedan
  • Keep the shelves pls. There amazing

    Leon O ConnellLeon O Connell10 dagar sedan
  • The unadvised fertilizer explicitly tumble because geometry aditionally confess throughout a long white. cuddly, tasteless bag

    cory callowaycory calloway10 dagar sedan
  • Get reev back on SBSD

    Henry WadeHenry Wade10 dagar sedan
  • Andy couldve memed with 5 gk outfield and insigne in goal

    DinnyspudsDinnyspuds11 dagar sedan
  • dont leave the shelves

    Jane PreenJane Preen11 dagar sedan
  • You should use that Fut-Birthday Inaki Williams! Got him in my Ultimate Pack

    Shane de BruinShane de Bruin12 dagar sedan
    • i got him aswell he is a beast

      3lsadiq3lsadiq10 dagar sedan
  • Definetly keep the shelves look good better than any other background

    Dale FlemingDale Fleming12 dagar sedan
  • Keep the shelves!

    danielactidanielacti12 dagar sedan
  • What is James’s trim

    Zack AndersonZack Anderson13 dagar sedan
  • Form: James ATT: Tom MID: Jack FB: Reev DEF: Itani Game: Harry (or Curtis) Book it

    Austin GrahamAustin Graham13 dagar sedan
  • If you’re struggling for picks you should go to draft and pick a number 1-5 1:Cb 2:Full backs 3:Cdm/ cm/cam 4: wide players 5: St/ cf (Obviously jumble them up) Then you’ve got a choice of 5 players to pick from. Obviously if they have an upgrade you can use that! Just a fresh idea! Loving the content❤️

    James KingJames King13 dagar sedan
    • Well that’d be for squad builder showdowns❤️

      James KingJames King13 dagar sedan
  • The haircut

    Jordan 101Jordan 10113 dagar sedan
  • Go to 14:15 thank me later

    Chris LamondChris Lamond13 dagar sedan
  • So James left the medical field to take up his job as a groupie for Good Charlotte. GG

    Dean KellyDean Kelly13 dagar sedan
  • The shelves should stay.

    Strawbry JamzStrawbry Jamz13 dagar sedan
  • For the multiple guests SBS you should have them play co-op so that it can be you vs all of them

    Séamus WilleSéamus Wille13 dagar sedan
    • Goalkeeper would be tragic

      ׄׄ12 dagar sedan
  • Get fifa manny on Sbsd like If u wanna see it

    DylanDylan13 dagar sedan
  • James why u not buy cf barnardo silva

    Tristan FrancisTristan Francis13 dagar sedan
  • Swith pope and summer so op pope is 8sn goal

    Tristan FrancisTristan Francis13 dagar sedan
  • shelves or riot

    SethSeth14 dagar sedan
  • Nice Haikyuu hoodie Dr. ItsJames

    phillipphillip14 dagar sedan
  • You could do it so players picked by the the person has to get discarded at the end so the people want good players so obviously they don’t get discarded but they don’t want to lose the best players in the discards

    Finley HowittFinley Howitt14 dagar sedan
  • Iconic shelves bud they gotta stay

    Charlie VoorheesCharlie Voorhees14 dagar sedan
  • Yes. We love the shelves

    CrashDCrashD14 dagar sedan
  • mendyfut birthday sbs

    IonutIonut14 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    janta suwanjanta suwan14 dagar sedan
  • do an everton style clean backdrop for your new office maybe like nice wood tones with an everton kit

    AstronAstron14 dagar sedan

    Funny TVFunny TV14 dagar sedan
  • I have no idea what the rules are here, but had fun :)

    HolyWhispHolyWhisp14 dagar sedan
  • Great vid and shelves should stay

    Gary cronkGary cronk14 dagar sedan
  • James hair is thanks to me his mic is not great due to filming this while live streaming which he is trying to sort out

    Ben MullenBen Mullen14 dagar sedan
  • Keep this up

    Dympna TumiltyDympna Tumilty14 dagar sedan
  • Yo i opened a 83 plus pack and got some french RB in Fut Birthday LOL first pack

    Starknight 79Starknight 7914 dagar sedan
  • It’s “Mohawk Ronaldo” James

    Akshajan ArulrasaAkshajan Arulrasa14 dagar sedan
  • Solid episode that 🎉

    Birdiex94xBirdiex94x14 dagar sedan
  • Go to the sbsd data Twitter and get the data for who has played the most games of sbsd this year. Then do say the top 5 or 6 players in order of who have played the most in descending order (depending on how many sections there are). Then maybe do the player who has won the least games (out of them players) has to play the game and discard the players if he loses

    cameron burnettcameron burnett14 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or was james a part of the sidemen sunday of the haircuts

    Simon ZammitSimon Zammit14 dagar sedan
  • Get baetson for another sbd

    andreas patsalisandreas patsalis14 dagar sedan
  • Where’s the bass on Fut birthday players?

    Leighton EdwardsLeighton Edwards14 dagar sedan
  • he should havetaken weghorse so insigne in goal

    krish Mahajankrish Mahajan14 dagar sedan
  • James is such a sweat

    DanielDaniel14 dagar sedan
  • I think on that where everyone pick would be someone different the person that plays the game should be a pro

    JaimeJaime14 dagar sedan
  • King weghorst

    Kyle PisaniKyle Pisani14 dagar sedan
  • When you do the SBSD with a different person for every guess, the person who picks those players should have to discard that player So if James picks Mbappe And Itani loses and you guess Mbappe James AND Itani have to quick sell

    Dave CarabiniDave Carabini14 dagar sedan
  • Keep the shelves

    Lewis CollinsonLewis Collinson14 dagar sedan
  • Do a co-op SBSD Andy and James Vs Tom and Jack

    Dave CarabiniDave Carabini14 dagar sedan
  • James’s laugh is honestly the best ever hahahahhaa

    Darragh DiskinDarragh Diskin14 dagar sedan
  • Well after seeing just 5 minutes I realised that I have seen the livestream. Andy lost and well. Yeah

    Romit DuttaRomit Dutta14 dagar sedan
  • Try do it with the full sidemen would be a great sbsd

    Dylan NorthDylan North14 dagar sedan
  • love that haikyuu sweat

    césar silvacésar silva14 dagar sedan
  • James has the worst trim on SEslow

    Suisse JehesbbSuisse Jehesbb14 dagar sedan
  • Too much waffle man

    Rohan SaxenaRohan Saxena14 dagar sedan

    Fill@PieNo!Fill@PieNo!15 dagar sedan

    Mackw0wMackw0w15 dagar sedan
  • Wtf is James’s trim tho he’s such a freak

  • SBSD but every position you switch leagues SBSD but you can only use icons SBSD but you can only use cards from 2 promos(like fut birthday and rulebreakers) SBSD but you get twice as many guesses for each position

    Grimsoncomet TheGrimsoncomet The15 dagar sedan
  • What’s with James hair😂

    Callum CowlesCallum Cowles15 dagar sedan
  • He was wearing a haikyuu shirt

    A Q U A. A N I M A T I O N SA Q U A. A N I M A T I O N S15 dagar sedan
  • Keep the shelves

    A3- SKR147A3- SKR14715 dagar sedan
  • Is James a Leicester fan ???

    Alfie CookAlfie Cook15 dagar sedan
  • Keep the shelves they r iconic

    Creamy FrogCreamy Frog15 dagar sedan
  • Squad builder showdown

    Ali Al moslemAli Al moslem15 dagar sedan
  • Do a Squad builder battle with 90 Huntelaar

    Twan BouwmanTwan Bouwman15 dagar sedan
  • The sbc is dead like ur channel

    cuppo coffecuppo coffe15 dagar sedan
  • If you do the squad builder showdown with multiple people, you should have them play co up against them, that be funny, seeing everyone yelling at each other for picking certain players, while you go and score your 9th

    BondegårdBondegård15 dagar sedan
  • Anyone else waiting for SBSD on fut birthday podilski

    PTMPTM15 dagar sedan
  • You could try sbsd when you switch your accounts with The guest so you now every sbc and card you have bc you are guessing from your club and after The Game lets say you Win then The geust is doing search and discard and that would Be more painful bc they just discrading thier own cards i dont know if i explaind it properly but hope you get it :D

    Matus MikoMatus Miko15 dagar sedan
  • Oi james got a haikyuu hoodie less go

    MahadMahad15 dagar sedan
  • I’m happy with FUT Birthday being late cuz I didn’t play FIFA last week

    SDL DaBestSDL DaBest15 dagar sedan
  • The shelfs definetley need to stay

    Paun MihaiPaun Mihai15 dagar sedan

    Confirm ScruffConfirm Scruff15 dagar sedan
  • If you do a different guest for each segment, it would be a nice surprise for Itani to receive a Jack54 midfield, and have to work out the defence!

    Aurora PotassiumAurora Potassium15 dagar sedan
  • Please do cord build a shoot on with Bedford

    Revathi MiglaniRevathi Miglani15 dagar sedan
  • have to keep the shelf

    GMan_ YTGMan_ YT15 dagar sedan
  • Hunterlaar sbsd please

    Joshua HenekeJoshua Heneke15 dagar sedan
  • Shelves stay!

    Lucas BealeLucas Beale15 dagar sedan
  • Please just keep the clock. Love the clock

    Steven MarinkovichSteven Marinkovich15 dagar sedan
  • Shelf should for sure stay

    Shahram JalalianShahram Jalalian15 dagar sedan
  • Save the shelves, save the shelves

    Samuel SchneebergerSamuel Schneeberger15 dagar sedan
  • Shelves be gone!!!!

    M.I.Syeduz ZamanM.I.Syeduz Zaman15 dagar sedan
  • The clock needs to stay!

    Otto Larsson WågertOtto Larsson Wågert15 dagar sedan
  • Pls do a Fut Birthday Mendy Sbsd with Danny 😂😂

    Fatema NargisFatema Nargis15 dagar sedan
  • Questionable trim from james

    Stayniel HerbaynStayniel Herbayn15 dagar sedan
  • The shelves are iconic

    Simon Owens FishingSimon Owens Fishing15 dagar sedan
  • Sbsd on a Friday>>>>>

    Garven MetusalaGarven Metusala15 dagar sedan
  • What about a 2v2 sbsd with co-op gameplay?

    Erik DancsErik Dancs15 dagar sedan
  • Anoybody else loves James laugh😂, one of the best pack & plays I’ve ever seen, made me laugh a lot🤣🔥

    Alexys FernandezAlexys Fernandez15 dagar sedan

    Tyrece JosephTyrece Joseph15 dagar sedan
  • Honestly the shelves kinda make it look like you’re a kids Art Attack-esque channel

    ChiiiaroChiiiaro15 dagar sedan
  • Why tf does James's comb over start from half way across the head??

    anonymousanonymous15 dagar sedan
  • Keep the shelves lad!

    breezeblitz1breezeblitz115 dagar sedan
  • James has the appearance of a man who has accepted that he won’t be getting any women

    BenjyBenjy15 dagar sedan
  • Keep the shelves mate, always looks sharp

    Explorac -Explorac -15 dagar sedan
  • Hasn't FUT BIRTHDAY always been on last Friday of March? So whatever date it should be it never has been. Weird thing to continously complain about when there's so much more wrong with this years poor content

    disconnected8disconnected815 dagar sedan
  • Do squad builder showdown on huntelaar

    David BensonDavid Benson15 dagar sedan
  • James come on man, the mic needs an upgrade

    David MurtaghDavid Murtagh15 dagar sedan