CAN I GET HUGE PRIME ICON IN MY SCB!?! Fifa 21 Mid Or Prime Icon SBC Pack and Play #Fifa20 #PartyBag #PackAndPlay
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  • hagi is sick

    JugiJugi13 dagar sedan
  • 16:35 has two Eusebio’s 16:37 you’ve got a Eusebio

    Theo McMillanTheo McMillan16 dagar sedan
  • NDL

    ReshirexReshirexMånad sedan
  • Ever thought about adding powers, such as like force trade player, one player from pack, etc

    Owen WoodOwen WoodMånad sedan
  • I did that pack and got MID PIRES. An L doesn't even describe it.

    Yahqoob AliYahqoob AliMånad sedan
  • That 2 red cards isn’t true! You can’t be double punished this means you only can get a yellow when it is a penalty.

    DD22DD22Månad sedan
  • Don’t disrespect Zambo Angussia, he’s only got the most silky foot work in the prem.

    Noah Ali ShahNoah Ali ShahMånad sedan
  • The sad thing is the mid would have been better for Hagi 😂 the baby is also good

    H DH DMånad sedan
  • Andy joke about kepa didn’t land well

    123smellme123smellmeMånad sedan
  • 4:28 “I mean, My Nan’s good” 😂😂😂

    RPRSJRPRSJMånad sedan
  • Have you thought about doing pack and play with match attax

    Quality Gaming ClipsQuality Gaming ClipsMånad sedan
  • Bring back the career mode series and rtg

    Emma BoexEmma BoexMånad sedan
  • 69 dislikes. .Nice.

    PokeHomerPokeHomerMånad sedan
  • Got a Wright out a mid icon pack 😭

    Dutch-knight 2Dutch-knight 2Månad sedan
  • Somehow my brother packed mid r9 bit of a madness 😳

    Seán O'BraonainSeán O'BraonainMånad sedan
  • do a showdown with anyone you pack out of an icon pack

    adzib 98adzib 98Månad sedan
  • bro put some respect on that icon’s name! he’s a legend and actually decent in fifa

    Ben JaminoBen JaminoMånad sedan
  • Don’t know what made you think Hagi would make it 100 chem when it doesn’t change anyone’s chem

    Trav TDSTrav TDSMånad sedan
  • Andy I did not know that your nan was so good at football

    Thomas SMARTThomas SMARTMånad sedan
  • Just got Van Nilsteroy from a mid icon pack😭😭😭😭😭💔💔

    Abdulla AlaliAbdulla AlaliMånad sedan
  • Andy packed both Hernani and Maignan

    bruhbruhMånad sedan
  • just search on YT hagi goal v galatasaray from the half and u will never say he s bad

    Rares PopescuRares PopescuMånad sedan
  • I got mid pep guedeola 🤬

    Cillian O’RiordanCillian O’RiordanMånad sedan
  • 6:14 What the hell is going on with the right screen!!!!!

    NBD_Spllitz_ XNBD_Spllitz_ XMånad sedan
    • nothing?

      Ard MaldioArd MaldioMånad sedan
  • Andy, get AA9skillz on the channel bro 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

    Ye Swan YieYe Swan YieMånad sedan
  • Can we all pay our ✊ respect to Bobby Moore who passed away just over 28 years ago

    Seb ShimminSeb ShimminMånad sedan
  • Lets just play anyone anywhere!!!! 👎👎👎👎 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    Analyze ThisAnalyze ThisMånad sedan
  • Andy: I would take a prime Roberto Carlos Me: It's the main one I want 😭

    Jack .bh04Jack .bh04Månad sedan
    • L i got his mid icon and hes so good

      u alright my gu alright my gMånad sedan
  • Where is the Danny videos

    VulthuVulthuMånad sedan
  • How tf is Andy saying hagi is bad? He’s very useable compared to other icons. Stop complaining.

    Ben KhalifahBen KhalifahMånad sedan
    • Alright, alright calm down

      ABx72ABx72Månad sedan
    • Hagi Is shite

      Sixten AdamssonSixten AdamssonMånad sedan
    • He’s shite

      Sixten AdamssonSixten AdamssonMånad sedan
  • Great video but the gameplay 😂😂😂 shows how bad the game is 😅

    GavalarGavalarMånad sedan
  • You at least got Hagi and I packed Viero

    Dejan MilchevksiDejan MilchevksiMånad sedan
  • I got mid riquelne from that icon pack

    Fortniteclips01_ytFortniteclips01_ytMånad sedan
  • Lmao, got mid hagi yesterday from icon pack...

    Jontu RJontu RMånad sedan
  • I loved that vid Andy lots of lols

    Daniel CrowleyDaniel CrowleyMånad sedan
  • Eric deer?

    Ethan JonesEthan JonesMånad sedan
  • Hagi has to be one of the most underrated icons. He’s actually good.

    Detroit BoyZDetroit BoyZMånad sedan
    • Can’t agree.

      Sixten AdamssonSixten AdamssonMånad sedan
  • Me who got mid Vieri after I put my pack pulled Messi in, sob

    Dylan RoachDylan RoachMånad sedan
  • andy and jack is easily my newfound favorite fifa collaboration

    Ryan HartiganRyan HartiganMånad sedan
  • Prime Roy Keane don’t diss him one of the meat defensive mids

    Shane McdonaghShane McdonaghMånad sedan
  • big fan of you ❤ ♥ KEEP IT UP

    SHAANTANU MazumderSHAANTANU MazumderMånad sedan
  • Hagi is a w u idiot

    X-X parascoocX-X parascoocMånad sedan
  • Harry hesketh be like 😭

    Johan UtdJohan UtdMånad sedan
  • Where’s James? He made this series lol

    sambospikesambospikeMånad sedan
  • Stinky squads but the difference is this time it’s an actual 11 of stinky players

    Antonio SawmaAntonio SawmaMånad sedan
  • actually opens icon pack roughly 16:30

    Noah BriggsNoah BriggsMånad sedan
  • Andy thats karma for laughing at my litmanen

    Aiden Lowden-skiltonAiden Lowden-skiltonMånad sedan
  • HerNani and MyNan lol

    The Gaming BoiThe Gaming BoiMånad sedan
  • Harry hesketh would not be happy about you complaining about hagi

    Callum HolmesCallum HolmesMånad sedan
  • Please do one of these with mcjell 😂😂😂

    Sexy KermsSexy KermsMånad sedan
  • Where is the Danny Aaron’s sbsd 😡

    TomTomMånad sedan
  • He didn't discard him!

    Kevin VazquezKevin VazquezMånad sedan
  • Where is Danny Aaron’s sbsd

    Thumbs up emojiThumbs up emojiMånad sedan
  • Hagi's card is absolutely class. Just because he isnt called Eusebio doesn't mean hes bad. With a hunter ge has 93 pace, 94 shooting, 90 passing, 90 dribbling. How is that bad?

    Lawrence gaming!!!Lawrence gaming!!!Månad sedan
    • @Lawrence gaming!!! Ronaldinho is good ingame, Hagi is shit ingame

      Sixten AdamssonSixten AdamssonMånad sedan
    • @Rares Popescu Soooo are you calling people racist or what?

      Sixten AdamssonSixten AdamssonMånad sedan
    • It’s about how he plays ingame. If you compare Kante and Guardiola their stats are quite simillar, but Guardiola is shit in game but Kante is very good.

      Sixten AdamssonSixten AdamssonMånad sedan
    • @lolololololo lololololololol who’s pepe

      IjolfcIjolfcMånad sedan
    • @Rares Popescu mate 😂 people don’t dislike packing Hagi because they think Romanians are “jepsies”, as you put it. It’s just not a meta nation and it’s not an overly good card for a 91 rated icon. There are more desirable picks.

      BonchoBonchoMånad sedan
  • I opened my icon pack right after watching this video and got Hagi. I actually want death

    Howard CorbinHoward CorbinMånad sedan
  • I got moments Essien from a premium gold players pack!!!

    Albi ShqerraAlbi ShqerraMånad sedan
  • hey i need some suggestions for 2 good ST's i have 4 mil on the ps4 for them. im running the 532 dont wanna use neymar - mbappe - cr7. thnx!

    MonsterLegends GamerMonsterLegends GamerMånad sedan
  • Please do raphinha sbsd

    Nathan KindonNathan KindonMånad sedan
  • What happened to the supposed team takedown with Danny Aaron’s on el sharaway (butchered that) mentioned on his channel

    Unknown DaveUnknown DaveMånad sedan
  • my pele from mid icon looks nice🥲

    Jx SxuJx SxuMånad sedan
  • Wouldnt waste my time on fifa all you get in ranked matches is showboaters that go over the top with skills. And spend there own money on this poor excuse of a game that ea dont give you what you earn as only play to earn and sell when i can

    neil bneil bMånad sedan
  • I packed mid eusebio out of mine. Im happy

    James ScottJames ScottMånad sedan
  • How can u disrespect the goat Hagi? ='(

    JULY G&VJULY G&VMånad sedan
  • Hagi is a great icon to get he is a prime 5* 4*

    Arda BaykaraArda BaykaraMånad sedan
  • Could of had full chemistry if you put a CAM-CM on bernadeshi Andy 🤷

    James McnultyJames McnultyMånad sedan
  • hagi doesnt look that bad tbf

    miguellaneramiguellaneraMånad sedan
  • Done 9 icon packs best was baby hernanadez all others were under 250 k 😐

    mnt alanmnt alanMånad sedan
    • Get good

      Nathan OrsiNathan OrsiMånad sedan
  • i got a mid vidic from mine after putting in a mid cb icon into one of the sbcs for him

    Connor SykesConnor SykesMånad sedan
  • Prime hagi is a huge dub

    Dazar BeamDazar BeamMånad sedan
    • Not a huge dub at all but he’s just meh, not dub or L

      Nathan OrsiNathan OrsiMånad sedan
  • 👍🏻

    Josh RussellJosh RussellMånad sedan
  • Got prime schmeichel from my pack, he’s actually pretty decent

    Chris TapsChris TapsMånad sedan
    • Good player but not valuable

      Nathan OrsiNathan OrsiMånad sedan
  • When pack and play turns into the new hit documentary “what’s wrong with fifa”

    VexxQzVexxQzMånad sedan
  • Hilarious that Jack was swapping the dups as if it was an untradeable pack even though it was tradeable 😂

    ShotzShotzMånad sedan
    • They do that so players appear as new in their club. Makes it easier to find players.

      Ben KhalifahBen KhalifahMånad sedan
  • Do a sbsd with ChrisMD

  • Why do both of you never open both your icon packs in 1 video, they always have 1 open theirs and the other one buys them.

    Bernard gunsonBernard gunsonMånad sedan
  • The amount of gk packed in this episode is nuts! They’re usually struggling to find one

    Henry RincavageHenry RincavageMånad sedan
  • Here before Andy posts Everton manager career episode. Oohhhhhh shi....

    to277m2to277m2Månad sedan
  • When Jack's out of sync 😥

    The Actual AlanThe Actual AlanMånad sedan
  • Why were they swapping the duplicates even though they were already tradable...

    TongueSpikeTongueSpikeMånad sedan
    • @The Actual Alan oh alright fairs thanks

      TongueSpikeTongueSpikeMånad sedan
    • Makes it easier to build the squad because you can sort the player search screen by 'recent'

      The Actual AlanThe Actual AlanMånad sedan
  • Andy has the worst luck with icons😂

    vulee 11vulee 11Månad sedan
  • Prime laudrip club myself

    Titan MattTitan MattMånad sedan
  • Where’s the Danny sbsd

    Will GWill GMånad sedan
  • Andy just packed your nanny and his nan

    Nathan KeatingeNathan KeatingeMånad sedan
  • Before watching this, i know andy will get a shearer or something

    Sebastian RudasSebastian RudasMånad sedan
  • KORALOV!!❤

    Vito DoktoreVito DoktoreMånad sedan
  • 🐐🐐

    Elvin OlinElvin OlinMånad sedan
  • andy you need to start capitalising "FIFA" in ur titles, i cant be the only one who gets triggered by "Fifa" lmaooo

    StrafedStrafedMånad sedan
  • Prime icon Ben Godfrey

    Evertonian 1878Evertonian 1878Månad sedan
  • further proving that 100chem is meaningless in this game- a sick striker on 4 chem will still do bits

    durge12durge12Månad sedan
  • Jack’s camera is a bit delayed

    Football HacksFootball HacksMånad sedan
  • All my romanians out the are very happy

    Alex BarbuAlex BarbuMånad sedan
  • Maignan=my nan according to Andy

    GG_IlluminmoleGG_IlluminmoleMånad sedan
  • So u are doing this an hour after what if? Am I missing something here or?

    anonymous gameranonymous gamerMånad sedan
  • Pov:your here after doing the mid/prime pack yourself and Andy still got someone better then yu and complaied

    William BarrattWilliam BarrattMånad sedan
    • Nah I’m just here mate

      AdoreStatueAdoreStatueMånad sedan
  • Day 1 of getting you tubers to reply to me :)

    Dom ReillyDom ReillyMånad sedan
    • You have gotten me through lockdown :)

      Dom ReillyDom ReillyMånad sedan
    • Andy if u read this please say hi it would mean the world to me

      Dom ReillyDom ReillyMånad sedan
  • Got mid rush in mine... he is going in the raphina sbc, so atleast i get something back.

    rockmachine46rockmachine46Månad sedan
  • Where is the squad builder with Danny arrons that you filmed with him

    Anton HoltAnton HoltMånad sedan
  • Saw this on stream, watched it again cause great video 😂

    Distant Button57Distant Button57Månad sedan
  • If someone wanted to buy that clock in your background what would they need to search?

    Steve CrenshawSteve CrenshawMånad sedan
    • @AdoreStatue weird strangely enough that didn’t work. Tried google and Askjeeves

      Steve CrenshawSteve CrenshawMånad sedan
    • ‘clock that is in AJ3’s background’

      AdoreStatueAdoreStatueMånad sedan
  • I got mid Larsson from the mid or prime pack 😭

    William LoomanWilliam LoomanMånad sedan
    • W

      Amexfut_Amexfut_Månad sedan