Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! HEADLINERS LOZANO!!!

THE 99 PACE BEST RIGHT WINGER ON THE GAME!!! #Fifa21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Headliners

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  • My respect when he called it football not soccer

    PulZz FadedPulZz Faded9 dagar sedan
  • brro he was hiigh

    d3f3ncd3f3nc18 dagar sedan
  • Be sound if you could get Mike on more

    BrooklynBrooklynMånad sedan
  • u didnt discard gaya u flippin cheater

    Simon FarbuSimon FarbuMånad sedan
  • ✨oscimen✨

    My v is for vendettaMy v is for vendettaMånad sedan
  • We need a 2v2 harry and bateson Andy and theo

    Dennis AtanasovDennis AtanasovMånad sedan
  • Håland

    VanDijk TheGoatVanDijk TheGoatMånad sedan
  • Å

    VanDijk TheGoatVanDijk TheGoatMånad sedan
  • What about Gaya😂😂😂

    Leonard KoloničLeonard Kolonič2 månader sedan
  • Andy get rid of Gaya

    Alex SBAlex SB2 månader sedan
  • am I the only one who is really annoyed at the american accent ?

    David NevilleDavid Neville2 månader sedan
  • Is it me or am I addicted to watching Aj3s squad builder showdowns

    Bedo YTBedo YT2 månader sedan
  • Yo I love these but it took you guys 13 minutes to choose 2 players and formations keep it up tho

    TKN ReconTKN Recon2 månader sedan
  • Already watched the prem toty vid

    DENZO BOYLEDENZO BOYLE2 månader sedan
  • Lmao OCHIMAN it's pronounced osimen

    Max BrindjoncMax Brindjonc2 månader sedan
  • love the videos man

    bommabomma2 månader sedan
  • Oh-sim-en

    3RD Period Vlogs3RD Period Vlogs2 månader sedan
  • He's name is Hålland

    Vilmer KingVilmer King2 månader sedan
  • Oishi MON

    luke handluke hand2 månader sedan
  • 13 minutes it took for you to pick your first player nobody cares about the dry chat you clown

    Max WebbMax Webb2 månader sedan
  • Damn Andy does spaff some shit🤣

    Connor RConnor R2 månader sedan
  • The real OGs remember dirtymike

    You’re a FatNeekYou’re a FatNeek2 månader sedan
  • Messi didn’t get a TOTY, I hate EA

    Johannes LindJohannes Lind2 månader sedan
  • do 1 with manny pls

    wiby widodowiby widodo2 månader sedan
  • What about your Gaya

    Ryan GilchristRyan Gilchrist2 månader sedan
  • Dmitrovic scored against Atleti this week 😂

    George WilkesGeorge Wilkes2 månader sedan
  • I felt so much pain when Pirlo went :(

    RyanRyan2 månader sedan
  • Can someone tell me the rules of SBSD?

    Martin RamosMartin Ramos2 månader sedan
  • Idea: Country Clash Each person writes down one country that they want and they other person guesses 3 country’s. You have to make ur whole team form that country If the other person guesses that country than they choose a country for u. Forfeit if you lose you have to discard every player from the country you had from your fut champs team

    Harold JonesHarold Jones2 månader sedan
  • Aj when you doing another sbsd cup that would be 🔥

    Kieren WallaceKieren Wallace2 månader sedan
  • You should definitely make a squad builder with chicharito If her plays

    Brandon 7Brandon 72 månader sedan
    • He*

      Brandon 7Brandon 72 månader sedan
  • Anyone else think it was gonna be Castro :/

    Ben KrelleBen Krelle2 månader sedan
  • Used to lobe these videos but it just drags on for ages so boring now

    What You GOtWhat You GOt2 månader sedan
  • Like how Michael doesn't gloat and isn't toxic

    the man octopus lthe man octopus l2 månader sedan
  • Who tha fock is that guy

    Mercxnaryyy McLachlanMercxnaryyy McLachlan2 månader sedan
  • Where is the tavernier sbs

    Lewis GibsonLewis Gibson2 månader sedan
  • I think there should be a new rule for sbsd that if you score with the marquee player it counts as 2 goals.

    Joe PanterJoe Panter2 månader sedan
  • How do you join if there in no button to join to become in a member

    darian somerleedarian somerlee2 månader sedan
  • Imagine funny it would be watching Andy and his friends listen to hockey slang (Canadian) 😂😂😂😂

    Colton SimmsColton Simms2 månader sedan
  • ossy-meyn

    Harrison SloughHarrison Slough2 månader sedan
  • Can you get manny on sbsd

    Ty TranbargerTy Tranbarger2 månader sedan
  • Timmy Howard needs an Icon card! Especially if EA keeps putting out a Special Opara every year

    Shane BrooksShane Brooks2 månader sedan
  • Discard gaya!!

    Arnau Colomer BondíaArnau Colomer Bondía2 månader sedan
  • People all over the world spells Haaland, but I spell it Håland

    Dennis ThorsteinsenDennis Thorsteinsen2 månader sedan
  • To pronouncr Haaland name right its actually Holand

    heisanheisan2 månader sedan
  • Didn’t discard inform Gaya...WHAT A CHEAT

    JohnJohn2 månader sedan
  • im sorry but you need to hurry up picking the players in your draft because i had to skip about 10 mins of the video mostly because your just talking. it might sound like im hatting but im honestly a hugeeee fan and ilove your content

    XD_patrick08xXXD_patrick08xX2 månader sedan
  • 40 mins goddamnit

    syed zaidisyed zaidi2 månader sedan
  • Can you start making new videos on Aj3 plays

    Marwan WalieMarwan Walie2 månader sedan
  • Get la5ty on here

    1231232 månader sedan
  • Very good opponent TBF. Do more with him

    Flip AlipsFlip Alips2 månader sedan
  • Wait, didn't andy put down 3 CM as well. I'm pretty sure he cheated that as well

    Christian SpencerChristian Spencer2 månader sedan
  • Mike should be more common to sbsd

    Luca ScottLuca Scott2 månader sedan
  • Mike gives me Canadian vibes

    Muhannad MabahMuhannad Mabah2 månader sedan
  • zwebackhd next

    Nathan SandersonNathan Sanderson2 månader sedan
  • Os-im-hen

    Reece TJReece TJ2 månader sedan
  • Do one with aa9skills

    Lite 17Lite 172 månader sedan
  • Hate the word cleats 😂😂

    Jordan NewtonJordan Newton2 månader sedan
  • Y’all crying Andy not selling Gaya but the guy just lost 700k 😂😂

    SKILL BILL HDSKILL BILL HD2 månader sedan
  • Howard might be considered top 20 all time although he kinda sucked at Man United.

    David de RuiterDavid de Ruiter2 månader sedan
  • Another popular american commentators say is upper 90.

    RJ RacingRJ Racing2 månader sedan
  • Tim Howard is easily in the top 20 premier league keepers

    AngerAnger2 månader sedan
  • Great video but Andy didn't discard that gaya

    MillsyMillsy2 månader sedan
  • O SEEM HEN not Oshimon

    Afam EzechukwuAfam Ezechukwu2 månader sedan
  • Only came to the comment section for all the you didn’t discard Gaya.... wasn’t disappointed 😂

    Cluggy 21Cluggy 212 månader sedan
  • 8;54 what did he sayyyyyyyyy🙄 virgin?

    CraxelEUCraxelEU2 månader sedan
    • 8:54

      CraxelEUCraxelEU2 månader sedan
  • Its pronounced oseemen

    Joshua NwosuJoshua Nwosu2 månader sedan
  • Confirmed bigger cheat then itani

    DecDec2 månader sedan
  • You’re the bigger CHEAT not itani you didn’t discard GAYA😂😂

    ali alqallafali alqallaf2 månader sedan
  • get castro on this

    Sean LonieSean Lonie2 månader sedan
  • hÅÅÅland

    Glenn strømGlenn strøm2 månader sedan
  • Camaan discard gaya... xd

    Mysteeri MiesMysteeri Mies2 månader sedan
  • Why u allways call yourself a genius? U r not xd put icon ”iam genius”. ”ur not big brain” just why? Karma..

    Mysteeri MiesMysteeri Mies2 månader sedan
  • haaland=håland

    Son_ MRNorwaySon_ MRNorway2 månader sedan
  • It's Håland

    Noob geimerNoob geimer2 månader sedan
  • U should do sbs against subscribers

    Diego AlvarezDiego Alvarez2 månader sedan
  • Andy, Mike is from Austria and Leipzig

    Claretjosh GamingClaretjosh Gaming2 månader sedan
  • Rip

    Andri P HelgasonAndri P Helgason2 månader sedan
  • How did he get 3 discards? Wasn’t the score 3-1 meaning he got 2 discards? If he’s getting 3 discards than AJ should get 1

    JohnZFIFA HDJohnZFIFA HD2 månader sedan
  • Håland

    Random GuyRandom Guy2 månader sedan

    Ahmed MouradAhmed Mourad2 månader sedan
  • 2v2

    Myra BijouxMyra Bijoux2 månader sedan
  • I put this video on and went and ran some errands and was gone for like 2 hours and andy was still on the midefielders lmaoo

    TANKGAMER500TANKGAMER5002 månader sedan
  • Itani is a cheat

    Sakib KhanSakib Khan2 månader sedan
  • If Andy only lost 4-1 and he’s had 29wins American servers must be so easy

    Brook StoneBrook Stone2 månader sedan
  • 9:37 isn't that the song from the end of the Spongebob movie?

    SmallPPGangSmallPPGang2 månader sedan
  • u didn’t discard gaya lol

    Allistair DawsonAllistair Dawson2 månader sedan
  • I'm creasing at the intro. Fall Guys died because "it got samey. It was the same thing over and over again".... I agree, but shit.. we play FIFA :')

    Ryan GleesonRyan Gleeson2 månader sedan
  • Andy pulling a real Nepo not discarding his Gaya SMH

    Conner PavanConner Pavan2 månader sedan
  • Sick Guest! 🥓

    Elvin OlinElvin Olin2 månader sedan
  • Ohhh Andy ofc forgetting to discard gaya

    Marwan AbdoMarwan Abdo2 månader sedan
  • Play him upfront I had 83 Lozano and he was brilliant

    Joshy BoyJoshy Boy2 månader sedan
  • With manny

    football madfootball mad2 månader sedan
  • Do a sbsd

    football madfootball mad2 månader sedan
  • I saw that pl vid before this one 😀🤣

    Balaji PalaniappanBalaji Palaniappan2 månader sedan
  • I swear I nearly unsub every time I watch Andy,Iyou just talk to much

    Joseph GhossoubJoseph Ghossoub2 månader sedan
    • @Joseph Ghossoub haha ok yeah that’s fair

      CamCam2 månader sedan
    • @Cam Like dude they obviously can talk but not for 10 mins straight?! I mean I'm here to watch SBSD not to know how he pronounces No😂😂

      Joseph GhossoubJoseph Ghossoub2 månader sedan
    • Bro just play FIFA yourself if you’re not interested in Andy’s talking. Would be a boring video if they just picked the players without talking lol.

      CamCam2 månader sedan
  • Did anyone else notice he didn't guess a CAM CF or ST for his CF defrel

    Adamup123Adamup1232 månader sedan
  • He forgot to sell gaya

    Orlando HartmanOrlando Hartman2 månader sedan
  • Quick sell recovery

    Jynx blitzJynx blitz2 månader sedan
  • You can upload your 40 mins video in Netflix 🙂😂💙

    Mohammed Almade7Mohammed Almade72 månader sedan