Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! TEAM OF THE YEAR RONALDO!!!

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  • I love Everton everyday

    Owen MaddockOwen Maddock2 dagar sedan
  • The sophisticated bomb cephalometrically breathe because field structurally lie like a smiling siberian. jolly, redundant judo

    John DunfordJohn Dunford3 dagar sedan
  • The other person is Ryan who used to be with Morgz

    Fahad AlsayedFahad Alsayed4 dagar sedan
  • DF

    lefter gogolefter gogo5 dagar sedan

    lefter gogolefter gogo5 dagar sedan
  • Do a neuer squad build er showd own

    Z4YN PlayzZ4YN Playz5 dagar sedan
  • Doesn't feel as good to watch if the cars can't be discarded in my opinion

    Sam ExellSam Exell12 dagar sedan
  • How do i join the members channel?

    Jake BrownJake Brown16 dagar sedan
  • The meaty color comprehensively offer because anger densply bang behind a boorish nic. tested, sharp gold

    jonki leshijonki leshi21 dag sedan
  • u waffled for 6 mins at the start omg lol

    Clipz ZentoxClipz Zentox27 dagar sedan
  • Italian people: ROMAGNOLLI??? CRAG NO?? OMG

    FiloFiloMånad sedan
  • Hi Ryan

    oliver dunnoliver dunnMånad sedan
  • Isn’t he in morgzzz before

    ronny Pepperoni vlogsronny Pepperoni vlogsMånad sedan
  • Lil

    CaolanCaolanMånad sedan
  • do a toty messi next! oh wait.....

    CohsmoCohsmoMånad sedan
  • why do u always do high rated cards with random donnys

    ii_Mysticii_MysticMånad sedan
  • I laughed when Andy said he spent 9 million on Ronaldo because I packed him in a 2 rare player pack 😂

    Oscar KennedyOscar KennedyMånad sedan
  • In the description he wrote make sure to sub for more fifa 20 vids

    Salman AlathelSalman AlathelMånad sedan
  • Toty Mbappe for sbsd!!

    Mark BelozeroffMark BelozeroffMånad sedan
  • Why didn’t you do it with la5ty who pack pulled him

    Alfie DaviesAlfie DaviesMånad sedan
  • I packed Péle yesterday.

    Hans Henrik LingjerdeHans Henrik LingjerdeMånad sedan
  • Loved it this video bro🤜

    Yxng PlayYxng PlayMånad sedan
  • TOTY Bruno is the best Card

    Kalamity CrisisKalamity Crisis2 månader sedan
  • Anyone remember when Haber was on morgz’s channel, no? Just me? Ok?

    Mátyás SándorMátyás Sándor2 månader sedan
  • 29:08 I skipped ahead and got my ears absolutely blown off. I was on like 50% volume and my ears are bleeding now. 😑

    Daniel LastDaniel Last2 månader sedan
  • Why did the other guy get an extra pic for each space

    Lorcan DonnellyLorcan Donnelly2 månader sedan
  • Yes

    Gemma BroomGemma Broom2 månader sedan
  • What was that green line that popped up

    Massimo MunafoMassimo Munafo2 månader sedan
  • Instead of havin a trump card for your guess of formation have an extra guess such as if you the st rm lm you can write 4 guesses

    Jordan McCabeJordan McCabe2 månader sedan
  • please can we have run the fut market on sbs please

    Ethan PillayEthan Pillay2 månader sedan
  • Pls do flashback ben arfa

    blackjewsinmicrowavesblackjewsinmicrowaves2 månader sedan
  • ive been loving your vids since way back

    Zualfakar MhmdZualfakar Mhmd2 månader sedan
  • Don't worry Andy, we all fully understand about not discarding Ronaldo. It would literally be counter productive for the fanbase, as you wouldn't be able to afford good players and the content would be worse off for it.

    Ben McNuttBen McNutt2 månader sedan
  • really don’t like his harry maguire looking ass, just accept that you lost

    TomYorkeTomYorke2 månader sedan
  • 9:08 I’m sorry but what type of laugh is that 😭😂😂

    Kyle RichardsonKyle Richardson2 månader sedan
  • Can we take a moment to appreciate Haber's handwriting! Its just... wow

    Arron ReginArron Regin2 månader sedan
  • Do ons in Toty grealish

    Koen Van der gaagKoen Van der gaag2 månader sedan
  • Do u support Everton z

    Bailey FawcettBailey Fawcett2 månader sedan
    • ?*

      Bailey FawcettBailey Fawcett2 månader sedan
  • haber is dead at fifa😂😂

    k1 !k1 !2 månader sedan
  • btec harry potter

    Jacob SunJacob Sun2 månader sedan

    Monty UrquhartMonty Urquhart2 månader sedan
  • Fifa 21 is trash

    Eddie KarapetEddie Karapet2 månader sedan
  • flashback ronaldo ?

    cristian lozanocristian lozano2 månader sedan
  • Andy do a SBS against fifa manny. 1000 likes for andy to do it

    Archie WrightArchie Wright2 månader sedan
  • TOTY mbappe is extremely good I have him

    Easy DrawingsEasy Drawings2 månader sedan
  • 26:10 makes no sense

    Mairtin McGuireMairtin McGuire2 månader sedan
  • Do one with krasii!!!!!!!!!!

    August JuslinAugust Juslin2 månader sedan
  • petition to get andy to speak to ea about the westbrom players for the league sbc🙏

    Daniel LouisDaniel Louis2 månader sedan
  • I packed TOTY CR7 in my 85+ x5 couldn't believe it never packed a TOTY and I've actually just packed best can never complain about pack luck again

    Jordan RentonJordan Renton2 månader sedan
  • You have some video in your ad

    Chris Sge14Chris Sge142 månader sedan
  • James is the best Like if u agree

    Zawiyar’s TikToksZawiyar’s TikToks2 månader sedan
  • Packed TOTY Ronaldo on Saturday night but unfortunately it's untradable 😞

    Hewitt28fkHewitt28fk2 månader sedan
  • Do one with manny

    Gerard SomersGerard Somers2 månader sedan
  • Haber is a big Ming

    Lewis CunliffeLewis Cunliffe2 månader sedan
  • I have FotMob, how do you get news on your Home Screen as a widget?

    Oakley RyanOakley Ryan2 månader sedan
  • Everyone who does this just goes to quick sell recovery on fifa companion if they loose and act like they actually discarded a expensive player

    Gavin BGavin B2 månader sedan
    • Well you only get 5 you dumbo

      Help me get 2k by 2021 September !!! !Help me get 2k by 2021 September !!! !2 månader sedan
  • ziher cu to baki rec jesi ti brodo buraz

    Darijen PašaDarijen Paša2 månader sedan
  • hi

    oliver toliver t2 månader sedan
  • only if they knew while filming this that a 87 CR7 is a thing would have saved Andy a kidney XD

    Aronn TigheAronn Tighe2 månader sedan
  • after i took a break from fifa 15 until fifa 21 came out, i still watched your channel here and there. I really love these Squad builder showdowns and the onces with itani are legendary. Keep it up!

    Zaul PhoenixZaul Phoenix2 månader sedan
  • Get Manny on a sbsd

    Rohan SandhuRohan Sandhu2 månader sedan
  • Did anyone else get a weird DeJaVu when Haber took Juan Jesus??

    Asa HumphreysAsa Humphreys2 månader sedan
  • Now do one on the second inform lord bamford that’s coming out 🔵🟡

    Jack RevansJack Revans2 månader sedan
  • I liked just for 12:07

    Harvey ClemmettHarvey Clemmett2 månader sedan
  • NOOOOO there is no Kante for the dirt LB

    Luke ComptonLuke Compton2 månader sedan
  • Squad builder showdown with simon/miniminter pls

    Armaan MartinsArmaan Martins2 månader sedan
  • like for castro on a sbsd

    hk 016hk 0162 månader sedan
  • Could u possibly do a vid with fut crunch

    Jason SmythJason Smyth2 månader sedan
  • Come on newcatsle

    Rectrix74Rectrix742 månader sedan
  • Andy I would love to do an sbsd with you!

    Tactical TigerTactical Tiger2 månader sedan
  • Do a sbs on 87 Ronaldo

    KLEID TUBEKLEID TUBE2 månader sedan
  • When’s zerkaa gonna be on😔

    J QJ Q2 månader sedan
  • 8:17 🐧🐧🐧

    IvanIvan2 månader sedan
  • So cring

    FM12 GamesFM12 Games2 månader sedan
  • You should do a high risk sbsd so for every player that is guessed u have to discard them and the GD at the end of the game is double discards

    Samuel Garvey-OakesSamuel Garvey-Oakes2 månader sedan
  • If you put the card in the squad, you're willing to lose it. Be a man of your word.

    Steven MendezSteven Mendez2 månader sedan
  • My headphones blew up when Haber said Oh My God

    The DonnieThe Donnie2 månader sedan
  • Can you do one on the flashback Ronaldo

    Ambitious AssassinAmbitious Assassin2 månader sedan
  • How was his 1 million subscriber special 4 YEARS AGO, he got just ovr 500k in 4 years

    AlfieZ GamingAlfieZ Gaming2 månader sedan
  • TOTY Luis Suarez pls

    ISHFLYISHFLY2 månader sedan
  • Haber got bloody good handwriting 😂

    Julian MoraJulian Mora2 månader sedan
  • The moment he said he wasnt discarding ronaldo i stopped watching.

    Emerito NacpilEmerito Nacpil2 månader sedan
  • pleaseeeeeeee do a ronaldo AND mbappe both together sbsd

    Ricky TrianaRicky Triana2 månader sedan
  • andy dude you need to stop chatting shit at the start of your vids 5 minutes it’s taken you to acc start the vid

    Nathan OdlinNathan Odlin2 månader sedan
  • Do Toty mbappe with manny

    Xdcreamyyt TtvXdcreamyyt Ttv2 månader sedan
  • Can u pls do one on TOTY kimmich he looks sooooo good slap a Hunter on him u can play him anywhere

    Leokenn69Leokenn692 månader sedan
  • Mans record with toty Ronaldo is trash

    Lucas 115Lucas 1152 månader sedan
  • 4 years later still do have 2 mill

    Joey • 173 years agoJoey • 173 years ago2 månader sedan
  • Cheilini isn’t an sbc is he?

    rich grimesrich grimes2 månader sedan
  • Do one with manmy

    Amir BadwanAmir Badwan2 månader sedan
  • Do one with w2s

    Bence BaliBence Bali2 månader sedan
  • Stop fucking trashtalk 10 mins at the beginning -_-

    Nazar DvulitNazar Dvulit2 månader sedan
  • Don’t waste your time 05:58

    Fotboll SketchesFotboll Sketches2 månader sedan
  • Andy you should do a sbsd with Le96z

    Big AlBig Al2 månader sedan
  • 9:07 what is that laugh. Lol

    Teekay YTeekay Y2 månader sedan
  • Is it just me who thinks Andy is so much smaller than the other guy

    Jack DolbyJack Dolby2 månader sedan
  • This haber guy needs to chill his girl screams

    Jesperhot PedersneJesperhot Pedersne2 månader sedan
  • Harber kinda sus with telles

    GladneyHD 4GladneyHD 42 månader sedan
  • On your next squad builder showdown can you or your apponit so one of you start with the centre backs and gk and the other start with the attackers please

    Cayla JacksonCayla Jackson2 månader sedan
  • Andy looks so skinny 😳😳😳

    Jack GrayJack Gray2 månader sedan