FUTURE STARS PARTY BAG SBC GUESS WHO!!! Fifa 21 Discard Pack Challenge

CAN I KEEP WHATS IN MY PART BAG SBC!?! Fifa 21 Guess Who Discard Challenge on the new FUT Future Stars Party Bag #Fifa21 #GuessWho #PartyBag
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  • Wait so am i the only one questioning why he just wasted akanji? Hes like a 400k CB

    Shaun BoltenShaun BoltenMånad sedan
  • I got a squad builder to do open 10 packs of your choice and the highest rated player you pack that is what you use so if okley fish packs mbappe but u pack pogba that is what u base them around ????

    Pottsy 08Pottsy 08Månad sedan
  • Boooooooo

    Rhys RowlandRhys RowlandMånad sedan
  • Freeze mane

    Rhys RowlandRhys RowlandMånad sedan
  • I got headliner Lozano w or L??

    F7gamesF7gamesMånad sedan
  • I got otw van der beek...

    jaydenpriestley1jaydenpriestley1Månad sedan
  • I got Tapsoba on ps4 and Lainez on xbox, Lainez is only 85 rated but he is an absolute goat in game and Tapsoba is 89 rated and worth 700k and an absolute goat

    SquishyTurtle 456SquishyTurtle 456Månad sedan
  • i would have just asked what team he plays for then positions for the yes/no

    Grant GladdenGrant GladdenMånad sedan
  • Do a Jesse lingard sbc

    KB 100KB 100Månad sedan
  • Someone is using sbsd knows as de veteranen btw called squad builder battle

    Jay-connor B.gJay-connor B.gMånad sedan
  • question 1: what's his name?

    Nicholas MahrNicholas MahrMånad sedan
  • I regret doing this sbc. I got that Turkish LW from AC Milan. I forget his name

    Alex CerrottaAlex CerrottaMånad sedan
  • Oakley use futmod filters like card type. It will be easier

    Cooking GuruCooking GuruMånad sedan
  • Plz do sbsd with mmt (many)

    Cjay NewmanCjay NewmanMånad sedan
  • :[ I got otw david from mine

    Ehren BurslemEhren BurslemMånad sedan
  • Nice video! Edit: Thx for 0 likrs

    AidanAidanMånad sedan
  • I got reyna

    Jesse CorstonJesse CorstonMånad sedan
  • try get aa9skills for sbsd

    InactiveInactiveMånad sedan
  • im quite happy with this pack i got headliner son worth a mill he cost me nothing

    Ruan van HeerdenRuan van HeerdenMånad sedan
    • @SquishyTurtle 456 thanks

      Man Lyke Digs Long live jahsehMan Lyke Digs Long live jahsehMånad sedan
    • @Joseph Baker so did my cousin

      SquishyTurtle 456SquishyTurtle 456Månad sedan
    • @Man Lyke Digs Long live jahseh nice

      SquishyTurtle 456SquishyTurtle 456Månad sedan
    • @SquishyTurtle 456 I got akanji only like 50k cheaper then urs unless he’s gone down in price

      Man Lyke Digs Long live jahsehMan Lyke Digs Long live jahsehMånad sedan
    • @Joseph Baker same

      Jack NormanJack NormanMånad sedan
  • I have three future stars

    Darius PeartDarius PeartMånad sedan
  • There is a player from the liga nos. Sbc felipe Anderson.

    John BeechingJohn BeechingMånad sedan
    • u cant pack him tho

      xXOmerPlayzXxxXOmerPlayzXxMånad sedan
  • Team of the group stage dudes. The tournament is still very much ongoing haha. Great vid though

    John BeechingJohn BeechingMånad sedan
  • I am new to fifa, i have an issue i tried the party bag but i got only one pack and only one player, unlike you guys having several pack and players can anyone help me out

    BMS HUBBMS HUBMånad sedan
    • They were opening 83+ player packs and the party bag is supposed to have only one player. Hope this helps.

      Ali-Adil RahmanAli-Adil RahmanMånad sedan
  • Oakley asking if it was top five leagues for the party bag. Holey moley that was bad.

    Henry RincavageHenry RincavageMånad sedan
  • Jesus Oakley, coman doesnt have one, rebic is serie a. This guy...

    Harrison BakerHarrison BakerMånad sedan
  • Coman is a objective tott

    Darragh LarkinDarragh LarkinMånad sedan
  • Shape shifters were last year

    Darragh LarkinDarragh LarkinMånad sedan
  • Do a sbsd with aa9skills.

    Mohamad BaytamMohamad BaytamMånad sedan
  • Bruno owned by 60% of players an fpl dark horse...?

    James McGrathJames McGrathMånad sedan
    • He said gundagon

      jdob9jdob9Månad sedan
  • i got 83 allan from the pack :(

    Damian Martin DetvanDamian Martin DetvanMånad sedan
  • Yazici gang 👇

    Cheryl WittenburgCheryl WittenburgMånad sedan
  • Do a vid with futcrunch or moneymeq

    Imad MadaniImad MadaniMånad sedan
  • do a sbsd with w2s on bukayo saka

    ryan rollerryan rollerMånad sedan
  • Taison is a europa league rttf

    Malte KarlssonMalte KarlssonMånad sedan
  • I got record breaker fabregas from this. Went straight into PITM Gundogan SBC.

    Notorious MiGZNotorious MiGZMånad sedan
  • 90 rttf koulibaly W or L

    Matthew HeffernanMatthew HeffernanMånad sedan
  • totgs kimmich, W or L?

    jjgoozjjgoozMånad sedan
  • Akanji is actually a dub

    Michael O DonoghueMichael O DonoghueMånad sedan
  • Jesus Oakley is useless, how is his job creating fifa content 😂

    Joshua McLaughlinJoshua McLaughlinMånad sedan
  • Do an sbsd with manny

    George DunstanGeorge DunstanMånad sedan
  • Yes I love these guess who videos I watch your old ones all the time

    XJokermanXXJokermanXMånad sedan
  • Is it just me or did oakly fish not count the questions he has properly

    Shivaan SoobrayanShivaan SoobrayanMånad sedan
  • The questions are stupid you shouldn’t be allowed to ask if the player is in 2 leagues and like 86 or over, should just be 1 thing

    Tom GormanTom GormanMånad sedan
  • Sbsd with Mcjell plsss

    Calum BlackCalum BlackMånad sedan
  • I got 92 totgs de bruyne

    Ashley PlantAshley PlantMånad sedan
  • Manchester city are about to destroy Everton, can’t wait

    Josue LJosue LMånad sedan
  • it literally couldn't have been anyone other than akanji

    TonyTonyMånad sedan
    • @Yuriy Belykh yeah true but he didn't even think of him

      TonyTonyMånad sedan
    • Klostermann

      Yuriy BelykhYuriy BelykhMånad sedan
  • I got the player I wanted but not the right card wanted future stars Jonathan David got ones to watch Jonathan David 😔😔

    LuffytaroLuffytaroMånad sedan
  • Hate fish

    Pete2thaBeatPete2thaBeatMånad sedan
  • Oakleyfish just seems like someone I wanna have a couple beers with idk why but just seems like a good lad

    gabe2308gabe2308Månad sedan
    • So true

      Agnieszka CroninAgnieszka CroninMånad sedan
    • Not a fan of him seems like a stuck up prick at times

      Sambradders 0605Sambradders 0605Månad sedan
    • @JPH2010 he sniffles and breathes in so much and constantly apologises for no reason

      Spencer RoseSpencer RoseMånad sedan
    • Check his earlier videos with Weller & others of him having bevs! Absolute lad

      JPH2010JPH2010Månad sedan
    • @gabe2308 and a cheeky bag ;)

      COYI HammersCOYI HammersMånad sedan
  • I’m pretty sure akanji was the only one it could of been once he’d asked all of his questions

    • @Ethan Gold alaba is 87

    • @Ethan Gold alaba is 87 rated

      Sam CampbellSam CampbellMånad sedan
    • Alaba

      Ethan GoldEthan GoldMånad sedan
    • @Yuriy Belykh oh yeah good point

    • Klostermann

      Yuriy BelykhYuriy BelykhMånad sedan
  • 83+ is so bad i got Romagnoli... i put Romagnoli into the SBC.

    ItsJamieDodgrItsJamieDodgrMånad sedan
  • I got future stars Neuhaus so I was pretty happy

    George WilkesGeorge WilkesMånad sedan
  • How can they be content creators and have this little knowledge of the game?

    Ben KhalifahBen KhalifahMånad sedan
    • Cos they prob hate fifa and only upload it without enjoying like oakley

      SymSymMånad sedan
  • Hello

    Greg MacgregorGreg MacgregorMånad sedan
  • The calm pin equally add because glove rhetorically contain aside a learned litter. warm, axiomatic brother-in-law

    Stevie PStevie PMånad sedan
  • I hate oakley like he is the worst person i hate him atani is a better person then him

    TheJokerTheJokerMånad sedan
  • Is 88 di maria in the party bag a w?

    Fancy KostFancy KostMånad sedan
    • W

      Omak FriendOmak FriendMånad sedan
  • Do a sbsd with mcjell

    Tyreese NelsonTyreese NelsonMånad sedan
  • Most of the card you can get is acully more expensive then the sbc It is around 160 cards you can get and its around 90 card thats more expensive then the sbc

    Olof OlssonOlof OlssonMånad sedan
    • I opened 4 and got no one worth more so my luck is shit?

      Not InsaneNot InsaneMånad sedan
  • Nah Andy Sigurdsson isn't just to blame the whole team played bad especially Olsen

    Evertonian 1878Evertonian 1878Månad sedan
  • I got rttf Zakaria. W or L?

    De FlorensDe FlorensMånad sedan
    • W

      NDLNDLMånad sedan
  • Andy's lost Akanji twice now :( At least Tom couldn't nipe this one lol

    Dan HughesDan HughesMånad sedan
  • I got auba in that pack

    NG_SamAxe06NG_SamAxe06Månad sedan
  • Petition for SBSD Cup in Fifa 21

    Max BjörkanderMax BjörkanderMånad sedan
  • He bottled it by not studying the options

    Nota BottaNota BottaMånad sedan
  • got 90 rated bruno in mine

    HBKmoyHBKmoyMånad sedan
  • Got the exact same player in my Party Bag. Akanji UCL RTTF. I was dissapointed because he doesn't fit my team but didn't realise he was 250k+ . Wish he was tradeable.

    Samuel PostonSamuel PostonMånad sedan
  • 95th

    Duckoslorous 123Duckoslorous 123Månad sedan
  • I got 83 Jotta in my party bag sbc :(

  • Felipe Anderson is outside of top 5 leagues and UCL RTTF.

    Fortnite ManFortnite ManMånad sedan
    • He's a SBC you can't get him in this

      2218 anusham sen2218 anusham senMånad sedan
  • Me and andy had this discussion on stream. We were discussing england xi for the euros. Comment yours down below

    Britlife VoyagerBritlife VoyagerMånad sedan
  • Oakley is shit at remembering cards

    Nordin AeilkemaNordin AeilkemaMånad sedan
  • I feel bad to whoever got a ones to watch

    PlexusPlexusMånad sedan
    • I got ones to watch tiagho

      Callum Gallagher-DohertyCallum Gallagher-DohertyMånad sedan
    • I got FUT FREEZE B.silva from city

      Max PlaysMax PlaysMånad sedan
  • All this knowledge in cards for him to shock guessing a card in a promotion with 22 players in it ? Jesus 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Alberto GhosnAlberto GhosnMånad sedan
  • I did the party bag and got alex texierra. I got a L

    ZzFlamezZZzFlamezZMånad sedan
    • Hes a dub lmao

      Andrei GinjuAndrei GinjuMånad sedan
  • 7:40 Road To The Final 14:27 Man Of The Match

    DeanMHDeanMHMånad sedan
    • Spoiling the video 🤦🏾‍♂️

      Kofi 1Kofi 1Månad sedan
  • I got headliners son 1mil let's go

    jordan.buxtonjordan.buxtonMånad sedan
  • I got rulebreaker pogba so dub

    monkey 69monkey 69Månad sedan
  • I got Ones to watch Telles nearly quit

    JSwailesJSwailesMånad sedan
  • The fact that he was talking about every other type of card literally had me annoyed seriously oak u were trash on that 1 haha

    jordan maloneyjordan maloneyMånad sedan

    Luca robinsonLuca robinsonMånad sedan
  • i didnt even know akanji had a rttf ^^

    MMMånad sedan
  • NDL

    ReshirexReshirexMånad sedan
  • How many subscribers can I get from this comment Current=5

    Sam BooklessSam BooklessMånad sedan
  • Andy heard you support Liverpool?

    adamm1097adamm1097Månad sedan
  • F

    Finley RickettsFinley RickettsMånad sedan
  • Is there a second channel?

    Rhodri JenkinsRhodri JenkinsMånad sedan
  • Do a series where you do pack and plays and squad builder showdowns on old fifas it would be the best series on fifa

    Artie PlayzArtie PlayzMånad sedan
    • Yeah I think so

      Artie PlayzArtie PlayzMånad sedan
    • @Artie Playz isn't team takedown that Capgun Tom does similar

      AllancombatAllancombatMånad sedan
    • What do you mean

      Artie PlayzArtie PlayzMånad sedan
    • Team takedown ?

      AllancombatAllancombatMånad sedan
  • Anyone else get an 82 rated gold card in this SBC. These packs piss me off

    Hop on the BandwagonHop on the BandwagonMånad sedan
    • @monkey 69 probs chatting shit 😂😂

      Man Lyke Digs Long live jahsehMan Lyke Digs Long live jahsehMånad sedan
    • @Dylan Roach deffo got him mate

      Man Lyke Digs Long live jahsehMan Lyke Digs Long live jahsehMånad sedan
    • I got oryarzabal headliner

      monkey 69monkey 69Månad sedan
    • Totgs kimmich, otw suarez, otw David and rttf sanson out of mine

      Not InsaneNot InsaneMånad sedan
    • headliner son

      Ruan van HeerdenRuan van HeerdenMånad sedan
  • We don’t wanna see your 100k subs friends that no one cares about we need The sidemen

    Charles WilsonCharles WilsonMånad sedan
  • I got headliners joao felix 😁

    Jamie EllisJamie EllisMånad sedan
  • Andy when is icon swaps coming out?

    DEFC 19DEFC 19Månad sedan
    • Probably Friday

      chavkill1chavkill1Månad sedan
  • Let’s see how many subs I gain from this comment Subs Gained:0

    The Bored Youtube GamerThe Bored Youtube GamerMånad sedan
  • I actually got isak 😭😭😭😭😭

    IjolfcIjolfcMånad sedan
  • I got TGS Trent

    Joshua CoakerJoshua CoakerMånad sedan
  • Hi

    Cadyboy4661 PlayzCadyboy4661 PlayzMånad sedan
  • Do a sbsd with w2s soon he's goated rn

    Aywan GamingAywan GamingMånad sedan
    • @Nathan Orsi Why did you check his bio lol

      ViddyViddyMånad sedan
    • @Oisín Cox u literally have what’s poppin Jake Paulers in ur bio shut it

      Nathan OrsiNathan OrsiMånad sedan
    • cap

      Oisín CoxOisín CoxMånad sedan
  • I love how Andy complains about the 7 minute squads rules. But on his channel he just changes the series. Love the video btw

    mad about trainsmad about trainsMånad sedan
    • u wouldn’t have had time to watch it when u commented

      Basti PlayzBasti PlayzMånad sedan
  • wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    CujoCujoMånad sedan