Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! FUTURE STARS CDM REECE JAMES!!!

Statistically Jack loses A LOT of his players in Squad Builder Showdown, but can he pull it out the bag for the POSITION CHANGED Future Stars Reece James #Fifa21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #FutureStars
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  • Sausageblai

    Tristan FrancisTristan Francis6 dagar sedan
  • Its pronounced Sob-a-Zlai

    Harry AndersonHarry Anderson17 dagar sedan
  • Soboslay

    Nicolas sSEMINARIO CHANGNicolas sSEMINARIO CHANG17 dagar sedan
  • James used to play cam in academy but now plays right back

    Oliver HigtonOliver HigtonMånad sedan
    • Mean cdm not cam

      Oliver HigtonOliver HigtonMånad sedan
  • should’ve done an episode on james with james

    syed zaidisyed zaidiMånad sedan
  • Which one birthday or Christmas

    Lewis Fans FootballLewis Fans FootballMånad sedan
  • Fabinho was so obvious

    Lewis Fans FootballLewis Fans FootballMånad sedan
  • Youth team CM

    •_••_••_••_•Månad sedan
  • tell jack he needs to put his board up

    charaf amcharaf amMånad sedan
  • Who’s here after Allison’s dad died🙏🥺

    Barnes The DinosaurBarnes The DinosaurMånad sedan
  • Tommy Allan in RM ⚫️⚪️

    Hmcstea 7Hmcstea 7Månad sedan
  • he can play cdm he played there for wigan and chelsea youth

    Harley FullanHarley FullanMånad sedan
  • Love how Andy has the audacity to call Jack a rat for tapping in when Andy tried doing it plenty of times

    Jstars HDJstars HDMånad sedan
  • He should have to discard the loan as well.

    Stuart FoxStuart FoxMånad sedan
  • Im hungarian I can help you proniunce szoboslai So-boss-lie-ee

    xxgamingcsaba csabaxxgamingcsaba csabaMånad sedan
  • He plays right back as Kante is Chelsea’s Cdm

    Mason Mount The GoatMason Mount The GoatMånad sedan
  • You gotta pronounce it “zobozlai”

    EndosEndosMånad sedan
  • The champions league was bakayoko

    Frankie AmorFrankie AmorMånad sedan
  • Sbolazi andy

    Matej PušićMatej PušićMånad sedan
  • He did agensit braithon

    Matej PušićMatej PušićMånad sedan

    Reid McEvoyReid McEvoyMånad sedan
  • He played CDM against Grimsby in the Caraboa Cup Last yea

    David O'ConnellDavid O'ConnellMånad sedan
  • 12:05 that hairline of yours is getting outta here too

    Nihh NihhNihh NihhMånad sedan
  • next ss discard player when the other guesses it

    JeezsJeezsMånad sedan
  • Sometime cdm because azpiliqeta is taking his place

    Felix HillersøyFelix HillersøyMånad sedan
  • sbc loans should be discard player of value and the loan

    Cam SmithCam SmithMånad sedan
  • 587th comment

    ????Månad sedan
  • 586th comment

    ????Månad sedan
  • You should do a squad builder showdown against Castro

    Jack HunterJack HunterMånad sedan
  • Comes on sometimes as a cm/cdm

    Rohan DhawanRohan DhawanMånad sedan
  • jack is terrible at fifa

    BlazebrosBlazebrosMånad sedan
  • He was a cdm ya twat

    Jai ThakkarJai ThakkarMånad sedan
  • He has played CDM for Chelsea before

    TGShadowTGShadowMånad sedan
  • Do SBSD with Krasi !

    Jack RobertsJack RobertsMånad sedan
  • How hard is it to put your white board up and also keep it in frame 😭😭

    Liam KillingrayLiam KillingrayMånad sedan
  • New rule idea: Every player you guess from your opponent's team can then go on your bench. Bronze players cannot be subbed. Like so Andy can see

    Josh MayhewJosh MayhewMånad sedan
  • You cant wipe out the 2 if you’re not gonna stick by that formation delete you’re channel asap

    Reece ChurchouseReece ChurchouseMånad sedan
  • It’s pronounced sho-bosh-lie

    Jack BarclayJack BarclayMånad sedan
  • James played cdm while on loan at Wigan 😀

    Callum WainwrightCallum WainwrightMånad sedan
  • He needs to do one with Anders 🥶🥶

    Super FortniteSuper FortniteMånad sedan
  • Got a bit annoyed that Jack didn’t hold up his board in front of the camera hopefully that improves in the next sbsd

    Gabriel AlfteniusGabriel AlfteniusMånad sedan
  • With the new injuries in FUT I reckon you should have to fill your bench with players lower rated than the lowest rated player you have picked, so Andy would've had 75s and lower because of Fredericks and jack would have 77 and lower due to diallo. This would also some what decrease the use of stinkers.

    Joseph SandersJoseph SandersMånad sedan
  • Get Bateson

    Jonathan CastroJonathan CastroMånad sedan
  • Pronounce Szoboszlai like that: So-boss-lie thats how you say it😄

    Roland SammerRoland SammerMånad sedan
  • He plays rb rwb and rm

    Ciaran ClarkCiaran ClarkMånad sedan
  • Andy dnt joke about our players focus on ur own mate imagine losing to fulham

    Liverpool YNWALiverpool YNWAMånad sedan
  • For the Hungarian it can be said in the English language I’m from Hungary

    Ethan J BrownEthan J BrownMånad sedan
  • Quick sell recovery

    T- DonovanT- DonovanMånad sedan
  • He was good at CDM but he is very good at RB

    simaosimaoMånad sedan
  • Actually... Szoboszlai's name in english: SO-BOSS-LHA-E

    maba1503maba1503Månad sedan
  • I packed him today lol

    faris Alqudahfaris AlqudahMånad sedan
  • Jack not putting stuff into sbcs again 🙃

    TjTjMånad sedan
  • When he was at Wigan he played as a cdm

    Aaron DhillonAaron DhillonMånad sedan
  • My 81+ did me well

    Alfie DaviesAlfie DaviesMånad sedan
  • If Andy replies to this ill run a marathon love the content

    EliteFake Sway8EliteFake Sway8Månad sedan
  • Szoboszlai is pronounced: Tzoboshlai. So "tz" as in "Tzar Nikoaj" , "bosh" as in "bish, bash, boosh" and lai ofc. So Tzobooshlai

    Erlend RøstenErlend RøstenMånad sedan
  • Jack is so shit it’s actually pissing me off to watch

    Huncholini X NavHuncholini X NavMånad sedan
  • Andy when he was a youth player he did play cdm

    mitchel ilynmitchel ilynMånad sedan
  • Fun fact also Scott mctomony was actually a striker but then changed to a cdm

    Mk NaurisMk NaurisMånad sedan
  • you ever noticed how andy's so quiet in other peoples vids

    Liam SymeLiam SymeMånad sedan
  • Petition for a rule to be added in which if you guess the formation, you can pick where your opponent plays his marquee player eg. Andy could say that he wants jack to play Reece James out wide or in goal for example

    Dylan WhitesideDylan WhitesideMånad sedan
  • Its literally Soboslai with the i pronounced as an E. Im Hungarian In our vocabulary SZ is S in english. Not that hard

    Channel RDChannel RDMånad sedan
  • Great vid again keep it up and good teams

    Clare GibsonClare GibsonMånad sedan
  • he was a centre mid at wigan

    LJB 10LJB 10Månad sedan
  • Am I the only one waiting for a reinier

    Daniel KingDaniel KingMånad sedan
    • Sbsd

      Daniel KingDaniel KingMånad sedan
  • Unfortunately aj3 is wrong everyone finds it so easy to blame goalkeepers when the defenders shouldn’t have put him in that position

    Nathan RogersNathan RogersMånad sedan
  • I'm so sad Andy didn't go SIF Ogbonna, Romagnoli and Donnarumma

    SethisChosenSethisChosenMånad sedan
  • Dominik So-bosz-slai

    Aaraav OvalekarAaraav OvalekarMånad sedan
  • Jack is an idiot he doesn’t even show the whiteboard while Andy is saying his picks

    Anthony PatinoAnthony PatinoMånad sedan
    • 8:37

      NW7NW7Månad sedan
  • The reason the English people cant pronounce it is because his name comes from a country that uses the slavic chain which has weird combinations like sz cz dz dzi

    Lucas GrzybkoLucas GrzybkoMånad sedan
  • Reece played CDM at Wigan sometimes. Also at at points last season if Frank subbed off one of the 2 DM's in the pivot Frank would move Reece into DM

    Kyle FosterKyle FosterMånad sedan
  • Szobaszlai’s name is pronunced without both Z in english and said Soboslai and that is the best pronounced version we pronunce it the same But SZ is a letter in hungarian but we pronunce it as same as S in english

    domekisbdomekisbMånad sedan
  • Can You Do A John David Squad Builder Showdown?

    Dom ReillyDom ReillyMånad sedan
  • Love that Andy can't count. He started on 11 and then guessed 3 players so now he is on 14 but he is saying 15. Love it!

    Kasper MunkKasper MunkMånad sedan
  • This was such a bad display from Jack that I wouldn’t be surprised if he put Reece James for the right-back guess

    Julio CasasolaJulio CasasolaMånad sedan
  • im pretty sure he played cdm when he was subbed on ajax4-4chelsea

    D3A_TomHGamingD3A_TomHGamingMånad sedan
  • szoboszlai ( sobaz sly )

    patrick Harriganpatrick HarriganMånad sedan
  • Make sure Jack discards that loan Joao Victor too

    Xavado19Xavado19Månad sedan
  • Andy when are you going to get Rob (homeless penguin) on a sbsd again ?

    Daniel MooreDaniel MooreMånad sedan
  • He have play against Everton last season for half of minute

    Amar RashidiAmar RashidiMånad sedan
  • Get nerdfire on

    Daniel ShieldsDaniel ShieldsMånad sedan
  • Frick off Andy

    Darragh lawlorDarragh lawlorMånad sedan
  • Do a squad builder with simon from sidemen

    Tyrese ScottTyrese ScottMånad sedan
  • He played CDM for Wigan and he started his career as a striker and was moved down all the way to RB

    Taha KarimTaha KarimMånad sedan
  • Pronounce Szoboszlai like Szoboszloy

    Dávid PintérDávid PintérMånad sedan
  • tbf you can't blame the scoreline in guessed players when Jack tries to built decent/high rated teams and Andy puts Fredericks @ RB. Its your show mate, you need to stop relying on your guests to make interesting teams

    Carl mCarl mMånad sedan
  • He got tots at cdm in fifa 19

    Robert DugganRobert DugganMånad sedan
  • james played cdm at wigan, also came on as a cdm in gilmour's first home prem start

    JP ValloneJP ValloneMånad sedan
  • That kimpembe diallo perfect link was not needed, they both have 4 links so just 2 green links would have done it

    Hajo LangezaalHajo LangezaalMånad sedan
  • It’s pronounced something like shuboshlie

    Ryan JohnsonRyan JohnsonMånad sedan
  • He played CDM for us and was our player of the year. Unbelievable player and a unbelievable guy! 💪🔵⚪️

  • Jack still thinks that there is a difference in chemistry between perfect link and a strong link

    PodwerPodwerMånad sedan
  • Jacks soo shit at this

    PodwerPodwerMånad sedan
  • Maybe he played wide cdm at some point !

    The Real Slim ShadyThe Real Slim ShadyMånad sedan
  • His name is sore-boss-lo-ee

    Oscar LangmarOscar LangmarMånad sedan
    • I'm Hungarian btw

      Oscar LangmarOscar LangmarMånad sedan
  • was originally a cdm at academy level but became rb to make his way into first team. also played cdm at wigan

    Zach SampsonZach SampsonMånad sedan
  • I love sbs

    Izaak GamesIzaak GamesMånad sedan
  • Can’t wait for Andy to write down Dalot every time someone builds a Serie A squad now because hE wOrKs oN bOtH SiDeS

    Daniel RyansDaniel RyansMånad sedan
  • do jones future stars he is soo sick ngl the cm one

  • i will do rashford for the giveaway, Oh wait...

    Alex SharpeAlex SharpeMånad sedan