We did TWO HUNDRED 81+ player pick SBCs for a Fifa Bingo!!! 1.6 million coins worth of player picks, this is going to be crazy... #Fifa21 #PlayerPick #FifaBingo
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  • Both got iniesta at the same time

    Darragh LarkinDarragh Larkin17 timmar sedan
  • Andy had like 15 football friends

    Linda ClarkeLinda Clarke2 dagar sedan
  • Please do more😀😀

    neddy Notsneddy Nots5 dagar sedan
  • I didn’t even realise but I was subconsciously watching toms POV the whole time 🤣

    AnonymousAnonymous5 dagar sedan
  • GWeRiEro?

    Hudson SweenyHudson Sweeny5 dagar sedan
  • really enjoyed this video!🔥

    Osian WillyOsian Willy8 dagar sedan
  • @Dannyaaronsfut

    alopiascoalopiasco8 dagar sedan
  • Mendyyy

    alopiascoalopiasco8 dagar sedan

    alopiascoalopiasco8 dagar sedan
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    DevDev9 dagar sedan
  • GuIeRiErO

    Dakshesh ChetalDakshesh Chetal10 dagar sedan
  • Congrats to everyone who is early and who found this comment🎁🎁💞.

    Yj DevilYj Devil10 dagar sedan
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    Yvonne KayYvonne Kay21 dag sedan
  • 2 most annoying people on internet

    Robbie ChapmanRobbie Chapman24 dagar sedan
  • O

    Neil RutterfordNeil Rutterford25 dagar sedan
  • One of the options should have been a hyperlink cause Tom loves a hyperlink

    Football focusFootball focus25 dagar sedan
    • @jackie Clyne capgun tom

      Football focusFootball focus15 timmar sedan
    • Tom

      jackie Clynejackie Clyne15 timmar sedan
  • Why do they skip one!!

    Mexican G n bMexican G n b26 dagar sedan
  • at what point is someone gonna pack someone good from the gold upgrades that the players someone picked went into

    fredfred27 dagar sedan
  • The aware onion immunologically joke because wedge sicily suffer round a billowy reward. wide-eyed, various skill

    Stevie PStevie P27 dagar sedan
  • What's up aj love the fifa bingo's with tom

    The Duff ManThe Duff Man28 dagar sedan
  • Oooooo football friendss!

    Turbo MMATurbo MMA28 dagar sedan
  • 12:07 tom got the football friend

    Me NiceMe Nice29 dagar sedan
  • 1:12 WAMAN @dannyarronsfut would be proud

    LiamLiam29 dagar sedan

    Ethans TrainsEthans Trains29 dagar sedan
  • We not gonna talk about Andys voice crack at 14:00 😂

    oscar pinkoscar pink29 dagar sedan
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    Kai W-HardyKai W-Hardy29 dagar sedan
  • When he doesn't show what he got out of the gold upgrade

    Jasper PoverJasper Pover29 dagar sedan
  • When are you gonna do squad builder showdown What If Richarlison or Diatta or Marcelo from Lyon

    Osama NajibOsama NajibMånad sedan
  • Akchually Tom didn't open 100 so it's not 200

    Joe WhiteJoe WhiteMånad sedan
  • 12:02 tom had the football friends box and he missed it

    Spirit xVibZ_Spirit xVibZ_Månad sedan
    • yeah

      NitralzNitralz19 timmar sedan
  • Something about Toms face he looks like he’s 60 years old trapped in a 20 year old body

    vxAstrovxAstroMånad sedan
    • Thought no one else noticed

      George ButtertonGeorge Butterton29 dagar sedan
  • I got messi odergard di maria yuri berchiche and Kevin de bryne from the 5 85+ packs

    Zinedine FahdZinedine FahdMånad sedan
  • You can make bingo out anything

    Caleb CaulwellCaleb CaulwellMånad sedan
  • LOL Tom grit football friend and didn’t notive

    Max RyanMax RyanMånad sedan
  • He got football friend in 12:04

    Jaja leiringJaja leiringMånad sedan
  • Andy how did u get a 75 rated player when there 81+

    Joel McPhailJoel McPhailMånad sedan
  • im 1 min in and i cant wait this seems like an amazing vid with fifa bing

    Random Mems and videosRandom Mems and videosMånad sedan
  • How can you possibly mispronounce “Guerreiro” that bad

    tekkakitekkakiMånad sedan
  • Wasent the card Andy said was A MOTM a europa league card?

    SniperGod 32XSniperGod 32XMånad sedan
  • Es sats jo olle woam

    Der wilde Unterhosenbär mit ohne UnterhoseDer wilde Unterhosenbär mit ohne UnterhoseMånad sedan
  • Tom actually got 3 of the same players from a league at 12:07 rip

    Louie WhiteLouie WhiteMånad sedan
  • Capgun tom is 100% a class A smoker just look the guys face, throw him a sleeping bag and a pair of busted air forces and you’d be the one handing your change over

    Who MeWho MeMånad sedan
  • 12:05 tom get football friends

    billy bobbilly bobMånad sedan
  • Do more bingos sbsd is getting kinda boring

    Éilís RyanÉilís RyanMånad sedan
  • 12:04 tom what are you doin

    cheesecake boicheesecake boiMånad sedan
  • 6:22 cheeky little keylor navas

    Robert KelsallRobert KelsallMånad sedan
  • In 12:06 didnt tom get football friend?

    Max SachsMax SachsMånad sedan
  • I want more of fifa bingo

    Omar ShembeshOmar ShembeshMånad sedan
  • 12:04 come on Tom 😂

    CianOCianOMånad sedan
  • do sbsd with bateson

    Sunita LambatSunita LambatMånad sedan
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    Andrej LorkivAndrej LorkivMånad sedan
  • This was a banger

    LB77gLB77gMånad sedan
  • 12:11

    AMG SampieAMG SampieMånad sedan
  • tom litrallly got football friends

    maria sabitmaria sabitMånad sedan

    Oliver CoakleyOliver CoakleyMånad sedan
  • Can someone please tell me why people leave a gap in between the picks? I'm really confused 🤣

    JevoJevoMånad sedan
    • So they go through the first 50 and then at the end they go back and have another 50

      Jonathan LogueJonathan LogueMånad sedan
  • Guess who I got. Fucking Dubravka

    Big DracoBig DracoMånad sedan
  • Tom got 2 players from Aleti and 2 from Spain in a pick bruh

    Dazar BeamDazar BeamMånad sedan
  • Andy got football friends soooo early and missed it.

    Essa JWEssa JWMånad sedan
  • 12:02 ahshsvdhs why tom why

    Eshan WeerasingheEshan WeerasingheMånad sedan
  • I thought u could 81+ only one time

    AirwalkerESCAirwalkerESCMånad sedan
  • Oh dear the just released the same SBC but you get 2 player picks a day after

    Alfie PootsAlfie PootsMånad sedan
  • This was a long “day or 2” been waiting for this video since Tom uploaded his😂

    jordan russelljordan russellMånad sedan
  • Fun fact: I got UCL Neymar in my second 81+ player pick.

    Alfie MurphyAlfie MurphyMånad sedan
  • What is with the 4 min intro every vid

    scopes YTscopes YTMånad sedan
  • Gg in the chat

    Shane ReillyShane ReillyMånad sedan
  • 12:02 Tom thats football friends 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    T-HT-HMånad sedan
  • Lmao at the start Tom was just one of those translators for deaf people on the news

    EthanosEthanosMånad sedan
  • they are doing it so quickly lmao when they siad they wouldnt

    Sefton TaitSefton TaitMånad sedan
  • Hu

    Jeff GurdruidJeff GurdruidMånad sedan
  • 12:04 he missed football friend all the same league oooofffff

    Frizzy YTFrizzy YTMånad sedan
  • you bought every player? surely just open packs with your 8 million?

    Luke FieldingLuke FieldingMånad sedan
  • 2:15 why is tom darth sidious🤕

    vincevangoat1vincevangoat1Månad sedan
  • Am I the only one that when I see capguntom in any video i just don’t watch it lol

    Bradley CookBradley CookMånad sedan
  • this is insane

    PakemoviesPakemoviesMånad sedan
  • Andy didnt get more it is Europe league moments

    Lisa ThompsonLisa ThompsonMånad sedan
    • Motm

      Lisa ThompsonLisa ThompsonMånad sedan
  • I came out as super straight Andy I’m so brave

    The KingThe KingMånad sedan
  • nah tom looks rough in the close ups, tom u need a nap mate

    bflynn0bflynn0Månad sedan
  • Banger

    Mouse NiqqaMouse NiqqaMånad sedan
  • Sbsd with manny?

    FadeZxvy ._.FadeZxvy ._.Månad sedan
    • "Is it a bolingoli45""

      Zakariyya RandereeZakariyya RandereeMånad sedan
    • Homefully

      Zakariyya RandereeZakariyya RandereeMånad sedan
  • 12:04 football friends but let's ignore it

    Dominykas ŽelvysDominykas ŽelvysMånad sedan
  • Tom missed football friends at 12:05 🥲

    Fergal Walsh xxFergal Walsh xxMånad sedan
  • "GuErEiEiRo"

    Gabriel ValérioGabriel ValérioMånad sedan
  • Highlights: Orsic MOTM 4:05 Haller TOTW 4:31 Wijnaldum GOLD 5:04 Gnabry GOLD 6:10 Cheecky little Keylor Navas GOLD 6:20 Maripan TOTW 6:28 Milinkovic Savic GOLD 7:17 Alex Telles GOLD 7:37 Leno GOLD+Gueye GOLD 7:48 Steffen TOTW 7:56 second Orsic MOTM+Godin GOLD 7:59 Yuri Berchiche WHAT IF+Sommer GOLD 8:31 Aguero GOLD+Immobile GOLD 8:52 Allisson GOLD 8:55 second Maripan TOTW 9:17 Henderson CH L 9:33 Younes TOTW 9:44 Lenglet GOLD 9:58 Donnaruma GOLD 10:15 second Donnaruma GOLD+Pique GOLD 10:23 Caio TOTW+Modric GOLD 10:34 Kevin De BrUyNe 91 GOLD 11:32 Koke GOLD 12:05 second Younes TOTW 12:16 second Haller TOTW 12:28 Ricardo Pereira GOLD 12:39 second Caio TOTW 12:43 Icardi GOLD 13:05 Lloris GOLD+Eriksen CH L+Grard Moreno MOTM 13:20 Mendy+Gomez GOLD (lol) 13:26 second Icardi GOLD 13:42 Hazard GOLD+3 belgium players same pick+Laporte GOLD 13:58 Lukaku GOLD 14:42 Koke GOLD 14:54 Mavididi TOTW 15:00 third Orsic MOTM+Fassnacht MOTM 15:18 Walker GOLD 15:42 Busquets GOLD 16:09 second Donnaruma GOLD 16:14 second Fassnacht MOTM 16:22 I would appreciate a like :) Edit:ty for 8 likes

    Exe. GuyExe. GuyMånad sedan
    • Take my money

      Zakariyya RandereeZakariyya RandereeMånad sedan
  • what team does tom support

    Rory DunnetRory DunnetMånad sedan
  • Why the game is fifa 20?😅

    sepehrinho11sepehrinho11Månad sedan
  • this video deserves a million views and a million likes for the amount of time and effort put into this video andy has earned it

    Abdulla Al JurdabiAbdulla Al JurdabiMånad sedan
  • 12:05 bruh

    AB7 FifaAB7 FifaMånad sedan
  • I wish all the students who is having there exams get 90%+ marks ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Thanks mate good luck to you as well

  • The way he pronounced fassnacht

    Artie PlayzArtie PlayzMånad sedan
  • they don’t know about mmt

    OxtodoxOxtodoxMånad sedan
  • WIF Richarlison SBSD with fellow Everton Fan Harry please Andy

    Cal SCal SMånad sedan
  • How ironic when Andy was talking about how hard it’s gonna be to get the Football friends checked off and then Tom gets one and doesn’t notice

    Jebron LamesJebron LamesMånad sedan
  • Andy is not gonna be the cursed right Center mid, If you pick it every time hahah

    Nathan GrayNathan GrayMånad sedan
  • The 81+ PPs are so good! I got Camavinga when it was Future Stars from them :D

    Your Mate LukeYour Mate LukeMånad sedan
  • I have a video Idea for a squad builder showdown. Since there is no Icon Weah. Why not use his son. New What If Weah. 72 rated but similar stats to his father's Icon card. Would really like to see that video

    Abdalla KilaniAbdalla KilaniMånad sedan
  • Lol Tom got football friends at 12:02 and didn’t realize😂

    Chase NagleChase NagleMånad sedan
  • I miss 81+ Player picks

    J DJ DMånad sedan
    • Well good for u they released 81 plus double upgrade

      Jonathan LogueJonathan LogueMånad sedan

    Jake PondJake PondMånad sedan
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    shhch sjcubshhch sjcubMånad sedan