Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! TEAM OF THE YEAR LEWANDOWSKI!!

THE SNAKE IS BACK FOR HIS TOTY SQUAD BUILDER SHOWDOWN!!! But this time there's no way I'm discarding a TOTY Kante... BECAUSE ITS ON LEWANDOWSKI!!! #Fifa21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #TOTY
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  • W2s

    My name Jeff YeeetMy name Jeff YeeetDag sedan
  • Bring Itani back as much as possible, that’s my vote

    Ethan EarnhardtEthan Earnhardt5 dagar sedan
  • Who else actually remembers when Badstuber was starring for Bayern?

    Clorox The DadClorox The Dad20 dagar sedan
  • Did you know neuer once played at the midfield

    Marcela AlmazanMarcela Almazan20 dagar sedan
  • .

    Spiro AussiSpiro Aussi24 dagar sedan
  • These squads are getting so stinky that after the game I stop watching 😔

    - xHGoodwin- xHGoodwin26 dagar sedan
  • the vidio when itani does a hybrid 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 views

    Skúli ÓlafssonSkúli Ólafsson26 dagar sedan
  • This video was amazing

    Lennon HardingLennon HardingMånad sedan
  • hey aj3 what is the name of the twiiter with the stats ?

    cjcammy123cjcammy123Månad sedan
  • You need to prank Itani Again

    Roman RobinsonRoman RobinsonMånad sedan
  • Do sbsd with Simon Miniminter

    Thomas WiikThomas WiikMånad sedan
  • How did he do this celebration 24:30 ?

    Ibrahem BalubaidIbrahem BalubaidMånad sedan
  • I would pay to see itani do a 7 minute squad where he actually NEEDS to use 3 leagues

    Chubbz Is BadChubbz Is Bad2 månader sedan
  • fave colab

    Ben SuttonBen Sutton2 månader sedan
  • Squad builder showdown with Chris MD

    Muhammad MirzaMuhammad Mirza2 månader sedan
  • Andy why does lewy have a hunter on him??? 😭🤣

    Rodrigo PinheiroRodrigo Pinheiro2 månader sedan
  • you should do a one with davies with harry \w2s

    S BrownS Brown2 månader sedan
  • Itani and Andy collabs are my favorite thing on all of SEslow 🤣

    JordanJordan2 månader sedan
  • Itani looks like Karim benzema

    Tristan WebbTristan Webb2 månader sedan
  • Hahaha save your sympathy hahha

    daniel marshalldaniel marshall2 månader sedan
  • Itani v Andy just isnt quite as good as 3-4 years ago when the games were close. The banter is still top tier but the gameplay isn't itani is nowhere near as competitive anymore

    Liam WMLiam WM2 månader sedan

    Joseph MaestranziJoseph Maestranzi2 månader sedan
  • Badstuper a goat he used to play for Bayern

    lCTG XBLlCTG XBL2 månader sedan
  • If EA are doing a flashback Toty then there needs to be a flashback Barcelona dani alves

    DtwstormsDtwstorms2 månader sedan
  • What are the led squares under Itanis displates i really like them

    DANKDANK2 månader sedan
  • Andy is balding

    Andres BarnesAndres Barnes2 månader sedan
  • why is Itani soooooooooooooooooooooooo trash

    Jordz Eli3245Jordz Eli32452 månader sedan
  • looooooooooool

    Joakim sJoakim s2 månader sedan
  • The way Andy said he done Victor becsuse he can. Isn't that most of you uneducated unemployed idiots from the UK.

    Shyam MehtaShyam Mehta2 månader sedan
  • Andy please do a toty de bruyne please do this for a fan pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssseeeeeee and you'd be the first one to listen my comment so pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaasssseeeeeee

    Mehreen ShaukatMehreen Shaukat2 månader sedan

    Addouma ChkirAddouma Chkir2 månader sedan
  • Finally CDM Neuer

    Vibhav ManjrekarVibhav Manjrekar2 månader sedan
  • I keep hearing people debate on best midfielder between KDB and Bruno, I’d love to see a SBSD on KDB VS BRUNO

    Liam HarveyLiam Harvey2 månader sedan
  • Get thogden on squad builder show down

    Loui RLoui R2 månader sedan
  • andy's 5th en 7th goal are not even in the video

    Thomas SchramaThomas Schrama2 månader sedan
  • He says itani picked bad players and then is picking arias , souchek and that random inform ( nob head )

    Archie MicklethwaiteArchie Micklethwaite2 månader sedan
  • Do this with brooksy hd

    a random guya random guy2 månader sedan
  • Itani didn’t discard his stuff😐

    Tanner LemingTanner Leming2 månader sedan
  • Do another one with w2S bro do toty Bruno or something

    Funny TvFunny Tv2 månader sedan
  • Have you asked aa9skills if he wants to do sbsd

    FiN4FiN42 månader sedan
  • Packed mid Pelé (95) if you wanna use him on a SBSD you can!

    Max MulderMax Mulder2 månader sedan
  • 8:10 no Davis but he’s in the team of the year I guess ea don’t like muller

    You Yeah I’m not going crazyYou Yeah I’m not going crazy2 månader sedan
  • Yesss its back bois!!!😆😁😁😁😁

    YUSY DA BEASTYUSY DA BEAST2 månader sedan
  • Itani s face when he saw badstuber had me dying

    BEN HUXLEYBEN HUXLEY2 månader sedan
  • rigged you planned who to discard

    Jordan WilcoxJordan Wilcox2 månader sedan
  • w2s

    Adl AhmedAdl Ahmed2 månader sedan
  • w2s

    Adl AhmedAdl Ahmed2 månader sedan
  • w2s

    Adl AhmedAdl Ahmed2 månader sedan
  • Am I the only one who saw that soucek was on 8 chem you CHEAT🤣

    Olav SjölanderOlav Sjölander2 månader sedan
  • Andy you’re crazy

    Benjman_07Benjman_072 månader sedan
  • You could do one with normal kante but put a toty in when you play the game on full chem??

    Will HattonWill Hatton2 månader sedan
  • Can you do one with fifamanny

    JackWJack !JackWJack !2 månader sedan
  • You need to do one with w2s

    Ted BallardTed Ballard2 månader sedan
  • this TOTY is a fuking disgrace

    anton blicheranton blicher2 månader sedan
  • 10:32 R.I.P headphone users

    Jonathan FreundJonathan Freund2 månader sedan
  • Opens vid , sees Itani , clicks off

    Nathaniel B-CNathaniel B-C2 månader sedan
  • nothing like a staged video

    Bobby CunninghamBobby Cunningham2 månader sedan
  • he l0oks like daniel radcliffe

    AHAN WADAHAN WAD2 månader sedan
  • Love this series. Don’t miss an episode but these discard picks seemed slightly rigged

    Kyle KrishnanKyle Krishnan2 månader sedan
  • Team of the year bruno Fernandez with w2s

    Leighton StitchellLeighton Stitchell2 månader sedan
  • aj3 pls

    Sachiin JeremySachiin Jeremy2 månader sedan
  • pls

    Sachiin JeremySachiin Jeremy2 månader sedan
  • U should have got shit on

    A SA S2 månader sedan
  • Love it with Itani it’s the best 👌👌

    El ChingonasoEl Chingonaso2 månader sedan
  • at least this year Itani cant discard a TOTY Kante

    Marcus_CBROMarcus_CBRO2 månader sedan
  • Used to think Itani was a good guest but his team's are so boring, how hard would it be to put like Tavernier RB or something,.nah he picks sarr

    Twisted Tonic 1990Twisted Tonic 19902 månader sedan
  • Itani looks rough yellow pegs everything

    james scojames sco2 månader sedan
  • Some goals are missing

    Alejandro ReynagaAlejandro Reynaga2 månader sedan
  • Hi Andy I’ve not received notifications for uploads in over a week just to let you know

    Hardie AidanHardie Aidan2 månader sedan
  • Bruh lmaooo Itani picks a 75 goalie every time😭😭😭

    Patrick LoprestiPatrick Lopresti2 månader sedan
  • Also FYI the cover stars for PES are. Messi. Ronaldo. Davies. Rashford

    Grizzlybear KBGrizzlybear KB2 månader sedan
  • Andy put 2 81!? Hahaha

    Kevin QuezadaKevin Quezada2 månader sedan
  • Andy complains about itani but puts a 81 rated card smh

    Kevin QuezadaKevin Quezada2 månader sedan
  • Do a showdown against skillz or Castro ???

    Alejandro GomezAlejandro Gomez2 månader sedan
  • How does itani get smashed by andy now when he used to always destroy andy

    Zizou ZizouZizou Zizou2 månader sedan
  • Atani builds the worst teams ever

    Shane CaineShane Caine2 månader sedan
  • Mums itani is too funny

    Bowssakin04Bowssakin042 månader sedan
  • I’d love to see an podcast with Andy and Itani!!

    Matt MayhewMatt Mayhew2 månader sedan
  • Suarez moments

    Essa JWEssa JW2 månader sedan
  • Great 👍🏿 keeps it up dude

    Debbie FergusonDebbie Ferguson2 månader sedan
  • Do a verses series against Itani where the winner gets to pick the next player and gets an additional trump card next game (with a max of 2 trumps per game)

    Jamie PotterJamie Potter2 månader sedan
  • Watch Toty Kante be 12th man.

    AntRNF-GamingAntRNF-Gaming2 månader sedan
  • Andy so good at fifa that he was 4-0 up at half time and then kicked of 5-0 in the second half. On a real tho i was so confused when i saw it go to 6-0 and he was 4-0 at half time and hadn't seen the 5th. (watch from 26:30 to 26:44 to see) Edit: wait 27:22 it's 6-1 and then 27:28 it's 7-1 without there being a goal my head is shooketh!!!

    Ethan TurnerEthan Turner2 månader sedan
  • Anyone else notice andy scored his 4th goal with his 4th shot and 4th shot on target at 44 minutes past 4?!

    Matt DavisMatt Davis2 månader sedan
  • The best 2 for SBS...laughed the entire time

    DetectoristDetectorist2 månader sedan
  • Itanis team was so trash, ofc he is gon lose by 5

    Magnus HalkjærMagnus Halkjær2 månader sedan
  • do one with chris md

    Reiner KahlReiner Kahl2 månader sedan
  • first picks intani: brandt and dalglish, me thinking this is a different Itani A few picks later:very very stinky squads

    spursFAN 202spursFAN 2022 månader sedan
  • We want tekks

    Rishi gamerRishi gamer2 månader sedan
  • Bro Itani is my favourite guest

    TheThirdRailTheThirdRail2 månader sedan

    Kobi01Kobi012 månader sedan
  • does anyone realise when itani scored his second it was 7-2 and he scored in the 72nd minute

    SAFC FAN LEON oxberrySAFC FAN LEON oxberry2 månader sedan
  • Get fifamnanny for a team of the year squad builder showdown

    Carlos Paz-VillaCarlos Paz-Villa2 månader sedan
  • you should do toty bruno fernandes in 7ms

    SAFC FAN LEON oxberrySAFC FAN LEON oxberry2 månader sedan
  • Andy with the stinky squads

    Liam O'BrienLiam O'Brien2 månader sedan
  • Andy s passions are sbsd discarding all of itanis club and whiteboard pens and whiteboards

    Baggington BearBaggington Bear2 månader sedan
  • my brother thought Itani was Drake

    Marlowe WigramMarlowe Wigram2 månader sedan
  • Always pic itani when its an expensive player thinking its going to be an easy game. Feel quite sorry for itani as he seems like a fun guy and all the other youtubers do is bully and take the piss out of him but he still laughs...give him a break !!!!

    mo almo al2 månader sedan
    • I know its not a big loss but will not watch anymore as its bad enough the horrible false laugh but the fact you won't play anyone who is better than you..very annoyed that laugh just doing to take the piss!!!!!

      mo almo al2 månader sedan
  • Do toty bruno with TBJZL as he is a huge utd fan

    Gazza From CazzaGazza From Cazza2 månader sedan
  • andy crying about people picking low rated cards when he's literally the worst for it

    CB 454CB 4542 månader sedan