I PACKED A TOTY FOR THE 2ND MARQUEE PLAYER!!! Fifa 21 7 Minute Squads Honorable TOTY Immobile

IS THIS THE GREATEST 2ND PLAYER FROM A PACK IN 7 MINUTE SQUADS HISTORY!?!?! My best pack of the year... #Fifa21 #7MinuteSquads #TOTY
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  • Andy please stop saying outrageous in every sentence

    BrorasBrorasMånad sedan
  • Happy bday Jack

    Houssain Al ahmafiHoussain Al ahmafiMånad sedan
  • so happy he lost lol so salty

    Ted JacksonTed JacksonMånad sedan
  • What happened to scrolling through formations and saying a page and number for the second player

    Peter KellyPeter Kelly2 månader sedan
  • That curve at 15:58😳😳

    RandomGaming ARBtRandomGaming ARBt2 månader sedan
  • Grow up Andy

    XjamieXDXjamieXD2 månader sedan
  • Squad builder show down with cal kestis

    vicki haselgrovevicki haselgrove2 månader sedan
  • Leopard

    Mikey Gallagher RushtonMikey Gallagher Rushton2 månader sedan
  • Next squad builder requst Toty Messi

    bob joe mama jone jeff bob james bondbob joe mama jone jeff bob james bond2 månader sedan
  • Jack’s shots weren’t stupid angles. They were all well worked goals. Get better at finishing.

    bharrisnbharrisn2 månader sedan
  • This is the only thing keeping me sane during lock down keep it up Andy 😊

    crazycrackerscrazycrackers2 månader sedan
  • Don’t use the Lord’s name in vein

    Trenton VogelTrenton Vogel2 månader sedan
    • Only one God ( Jesus)

      Trenton VogelTrenton Vogel2 månader sedan
  • Happy birthday jack hd

    Ian ThomasIan Thomas2 månader sedan
  • Nice

    Mr EmengMr Emeng2 månader sedan
  • Sbsd idea If the other person guesses , your player the person who guesse gets a sub on bench max of 3

    fifa.m_madfutfifa.m_madfut2 månader sedan
  • Kevin looks like jack

  • Handicapping exists, Andy has the better team yet his players can’t finish their dinner, Jack’s is shit and has a 100% conversation rate

    Jason RussellJason Russell2 månader sedan
  • Hey does anyone know when ultimate team is back up and running? Ea said it goes for 120 minutes maintenance and it’s been 4 hours and still not working, does anyone know please let me know thank you, love the content

    Maria AyadMaria Ayad2 månader sedan
  • Get Simone or Haroldinho or Josher

    Elvin OlinElvin Olin2 månader sedan
  • The game is so rigged it’s laughable

    ALapperALapper2 månader sedan
  • Andy is this ur shortest video? 😁

    t walkert walker2 månader sedan
  • Andy’s voice hit a different level ⬆️⬆️

    bob winstonbob winston2 månader sedan
  • Packs De Bruyne and instantly grabs his tits. 😂

    Julian ArizaJulian Ariza2 månader sedan
  • New drinking game - shot every time outrageous is said

    Sam DevaneySam Devaney2 månader sedan
  • jack: i hve just got an inform 75 rated inform

    YashYash2 månader sedan
  • Do a squad builder showdown with manny

    Puzlx- AUPuzlx- AU2 månader sedan
  • Anyone just here for Andy and not like jack?

    Shaun LawdShaun Lawd2 månader sedan
  • And this, my friends, is why I quit playing FIFA. How Andy didn't win that game is an absolute farce.

    ParrettGostParrettGost2 månader sedan
  • Felt bad for Jack at the end 😂😂 poor lad just came back and wasn’t allowed to talk

    Daniel CullenDaniel Cullen2 månader sedan
  • Do a squad builder showdown with AA9Skillz

    Mahesh RadhakrishnanMahesh Radhakrishnan2 månader sedan
  • Weren’t you meant to start with a 1-0 head start?

    Wanye KestWanye Kest2 månader sedan
  • Imagine if he just used Greenwood and didn't open any more packs lol

    Aadhithya AAadhithya A2 månader sedan
  • Oh I'm loving that salt so much it's so tasty on this fish and chips

    Daye HardmanDaye Hardman2 månader sedan
  • 15:56 ( That Swaz by veratti ) Dayumm

    Arron ReginArron Regin2 månader sedan
  • Andy you’re just pissing on Jacks skill. Grow up

    Tim ShanahanTim Shanahan2 månader sedan
    • 🧂

      Swapnava DeYSwapnava DeY2 månader sedan

    Arron ReginArron Regin2 månader sedan
  • Imma be real with you thats one of the crappiest reactions ive seen for packing a toty. I NEED EARDRUM DESTROYING SCREAMS AND RUNNING AROUND EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

    MuaazMuaaz2 månader sedan
  • just me screaming denayer?🧐

    Sam WoodfieldSam Woodfield2 månader sedan
  • I love aj3 😂

    Kyle OattesKyle Oattes2 månader sedan
  • I really hate hack he’s a prick

    Geoffrey WoodGeoffrey Wood2 månader sedan
  • Andy plays like the biggest sweat ever.. 60% possession....

    Cian RCian R2 månader sedan
    • Generally teams in real life try to hold more possession, and the team that holds more possession generally wins...how is this sweaty compared to people that just sit back and defend then counter? The community agrees counter attack/drop back defending is way more sweaty so I don't know what you are on about

      Combat_Av3nGeRCombat_Av3nGeR2 månader sedan
  • you should recreate harry potter but the cast is just fifa youtubers

    Jacob SunJacob Sun2 månader sedan
  • I was half asleep left my phone on and he screamed and I shit myself

    Adam JaballahAdam Jaballah2 månader sedan
  • The most FIFA game of FIFA I've ever seen

    Sam ZiniSam Zini2 månader sedan
  • imagine if andy had stopped at greenwood 😭

    Diesel 2199Diesel 21992 månader sedan
  • Jack the 1 depth drop back king

    JoshBlonde2005JoshBlonde20052 månader sedan
  • Salt

    Osama AljabriOsama Aljabri2 månader sedan
  • just gonna leave this here 9-0

    Kristers ZigalovsKristers Zigalovs2 månader sedan
  • it wouldntve got 4 leagues, but for andys team i woulda gone, ter stegen, rudiger, cb rijkaard, boateng, KDB, witsel, castagne, gueirro, bernadeschi, dybala, immobile for the NLW squad

    durge12durge122 månader sedan
  • Have a shot everytime the words “outrageous” or. “scenes” are said in this video

    Nathan LNathan L2 månader sedan
    • death wish right there mate

      Samuel EndaleSamuel Endale2 månader sedan
  • Toty De jong last year was cracked asf And Andy packed the guy

    Adrian LopezAdrian Lopez2 månader sedan
  • I thought u couldn’t move players more than 1 position did I miss something or is Kevin a cam and yet Andy played him cdm?

    Kieran AddisonKieran Addison2 månader sedan
  • Jack is so annoying smh he just laughs knowing how lucky he is

    Nuggetss 0Nuggetss 02 månader sedan
  • Not even lana rhoades moans more than this guy

    BphsBphs2 månader sedan
  • United just beat Southampton 9-0 😂

    Vapor_JSVapor_JS2 månader sedan
  • Andy was so unlucky in that game 😂😂

    Tacitgaming 07Tacitgaming 072 månader sedan
  • NUTS

    That Leeds FanThat Leeds Fan2 månader sedan
  • I swear a while back jack played balotelli cdm cause he needed chem and he was the only player who would get it so the fact that he was tryna tell andy he cant play de bruyne at cdm is ridiculous

    Cesar AlarconCesar Alarcon2 månader sedan
    • It’s because Jack changes the rule. Currently the rule states you can’t move a player more than one position. So De Bruyne comes out as a CAM so it’s either a CAM, CM or CF.

      TommoTommo2 månader sedan
  • Don’t think people are moaning about you getting salty it’s the fact you have to belittle your opponent by basically calling them shit and you’re so much better it’s just rude and not needed

    Mr BurbzMr Burbz2 månader sedan
  • Good vid

    Henry YellendHenry Yellend2 månader sedan

    Afan PasukanAfan Pasukan2 månader sedan
  • Stop crying Andy, f u

    Fredrik UrangFredrik Urang2 månader sedan
  • Andy you made two mistakes... Going 2-0 and having all the possession.

    arp120384arp1203842 månader sedan
  • Salty Andy is best Andy.

    Some RandomSome Random2 månader sedan

    ReshirexReshirex2 månader sedan
  • Never ever heard someone say “should i just downgrade him?”

    Isai PerezIsai Perez2 månader sedan
  • I bet he put the 352 in the freezer and the 4411 in the microwave

    Tom Horan-RoserTom Horan-Roser2 månader sedan
    • 352 is one of the best formations in the game atm tho?

      Louis CashLouis Cash2 månader sedan
  • Andy carried fifa 20 Like if you agree

    Donal RyanDonal Ryan2 månader sedan
  • Watching this annoyed me so much because of how lucky jack was , just reminds me of fut champs

    mnt alanmnt alan2 månader sedan
  • Andy "That's outrageous" Castell

    Gavin PowerGavin Power2 månader sedan
  • The random formation in 7 minutes squads is such a bs

    Nasko SharalievNasko Sharaliev2 månader sedan
  • What happened to the Everton Career mode I enjoyed that

    NFFC 4 LifeNFFC 4 Life2 månader sedan
  • What a team!!

    Ben KhalifahBen Khalifah2 månader sedan
  • Honestly, you batterd him but its fifa so yea..😡

    Joe YeetJoe Yeet2 månader sedan
  • Day 1 of asking can you do an sbsd with manny

    Mubeen AliMubeen Ali2 månader sedan
  • Andy: says anything Jack: “absolute scenes mate.”

    Callum ClunieCallum Clunie2 månader sedan
  • Crybabyy ..

    Mysteeri MiesMysteeri Mies2 månader sedan
  • To be honest with you, but to be honest, honestly Jack😂

    Aidan SmithAidan Smith2 månader sedan

    Confirm ScruffConfirm Scruff2 månader sedan
  • Andy gets so mad when he loses, accept the L lmao

    Ricky The GreattRicky The Greatt2 månader sedan
    • Who would not be if you had the whole match smh

      Nuggetss 0Nuggetss 02 månader sedan
  • Andy, remember you packed toty de Jong last year!

    Ferny 004Ferny 0042 månader sedan
  • I thought we were gonna get click baited before i watched the video xD

    Sonia SiddiqueSonia Siddique2 månader sedan
  • That stones is 20k and amazing. He is in my squad.

    David StreetDavid Street2 månader sedan
  • You should do like Jack and put the locked players up on the screen so we Can se when youre building your squads

    Jørgen NjøsJørgen Njøs2 månader sedan
  • Feel like Jack always gets good formations and others get shafted 😉😂

    Jay DotJay Dot2 månader sedan
    • 🕵🏻‍♂️

      AJ3AJ32 månader sedan
    • And... he's just generally fucking irritating

      Jack PorterJack Porter2 månader sedan
    • It’s called cheating

      Sebastian HugosonSebastian Hugoson2 månader sedan
  • Day 1 of asking andy for career mode

    Deeznuts Ha got himDeeznuts Ha got him2 månader sedan
  • the 352 is actually insane

    Jason ParkerJason Parker2 månader sedan
  • StinkySquads54hd

    pobgpobg2 månader sedan
  • The whole two shots two goals thing while the other keeper has the game of his life happens to me every game

    Soren MatsuokaSoren Matsuoka2 månader sedan
    • @Per for SEslow good to know

      Soren MatsuokaSoren Matsuoka2 månader sedan
    • It happens in real life though, it's part of the game.

      Connor RConnor R2 månader sedan
    • Might want to practice ur shooting, thought the same thing at one point

      Per for YouTubePer for YouTube2 månader sedan
  • StinkySquad Jack

    Ullern GuttUllern Gutt2 månader sedan
  • What's up with Andy packing KDB packs his normal card now his TOTY the guy may aswell pack his TOTS when it comes out

    Ethan TurnerEthan Turner2 månader sedan
  • Andy so you know for future it’s not ‘er degard’ it’s literally pronounced how it’s spelt, watch his arsenal announcement he says his name

    Declan JonesDeclan Jones2 månader sedan
  • Andy mate, I understand ur frustration, but from 13 shots inside the box u need to score more than 2. Bullshit? Maybe. But u must criticize ur own finishing ability there tho.

    Onni LaaksonenOnni Laaksonen2 månader sedan
    • I agree with u a little but that game was rigged, Andy fully deserved the win he built a entertaining team while jack built a stinky one and got away w it

      Nuggetss 0Nuggetss 02 månader sedan
  • Jack is cheapskate in these

    Ethan-_-Ethan-_-2 månader sedan
  • Anyone else see the swerve on the ball when veratti hit it at 15:58

    Andrew LysaghtAndrew Lysaght2 månader sedan
  • Andy: Packs a TOTY Jack: Andy you are not allowed to pack a TOTY unless the time is 1am Tom: Safety

    BusterBrown2608BusterBrown26082 månader sedan
    • @River Craciun u ruined it

      Zak WestbrookZak Westbrook2 månader sedan
    • then James goes: HAHAHAHHA

      River CraciunRiver Craciun2 månader sedan
    • No safety 2021

      Dante NicastroDante Nicastro2 månader sedan
    • Reev: REUSSSSSSS

      Zak WestbrookZak Westbrook2 månader sedan
    • James: Netball this!

      Tanner SoutherlandTanner Southerland2 månader sedan
  • am i the only one that finds jack a bit of a prick

    jamiebuckley stfcjamiebuckley stfc2 månader sedan
  • Toty packed at 3:24

    PrythenPrythen2 månader sedan
  • No one: Andy: “this squad is getting a little bit outrageous”

    Thomas HuntThomas Hunt2 månader sedan
  • Hallo

    AB7 FifaAB7 Fifa2 månader sedan