Fifa 21 Squad Builder Showdown!!! 2ND INFORM WAMANGITUKA!!!

WAMAN!!!!! The 5* skill Silver Stars GOD has got a tradeable GOLD SIF!!!! Lets do Squad Builder Showdown on him with a brand new guest! #Fifa21 #SquadBuilderShowdown #Waman
Brooksy's vid -
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Ladda ner



  • Please lads, show Brooksy some love instead of asking for me 😂 he's been wanting to do an SBSD for years, let the man have this moment :)

    Danny AaronsDanny Aarons21 dag sedan
    • Yes Dan Danny Daniel

      Harry DoyleHarry Doyle5 dagar sedan
    • No

      HaxtasHaxtas11 dagar sedan
    • Boats and hoes

      Callum ThomasCallum Thomas16 dagar sedan
    • You're so unfunny

      pathetic peenpathetic peen19 dagar sedan
    • Yes bro, you’re unreal but this Irish lad Brooksy is an absolute legend also

      Alex SBAlex SB19 dagar sedan
  • Great guest mate, love the energy in this

    PieceBoxHeidPieceBoxHeid6 dagar sedan
  • Brooksy is a ledge, go check him out if you haven't

    Adam L-SAdam L-S11 dagar sedan
  • We wanted Danny tho

    HaxtasHaxtas11 dagar sedan
  • 9:10 he's a CF

    CrabbyFc and GO GX CLANCrabbyFc and GO GX CLAN11 dagar sedan
  • Come on the hoops

    Sean MaloneSean Malone11 dagar sedan
  • Mon the rangers ya Tim🇬🇧🇬🇧

    LxKayeLxKaye13 dagar sedan
  • Do one with Mannyyyyyyyy

    Luke AnekweLuke Anekwe14 dagar sedan
  • I rate this brooksy lad picking wout weghorst up top proper lad

    ____15 dagar sedan
  • I loved this I followed him after!

    Josh MurrellJosh Murrell15 dagar sedan
  • brooksys actually funny too

    LanoLano15 dagar sedan
  • Andy mate you are the best fifa you tuber and this brooksy guys is a belter of a laugh aswell. Bless you brother

    Shane BrownShane Brown15 dagar sedan
  • Please more brooksey

    It’s Ya boi foxyIt’s Ya boi foxy16 dagar sedan
  • Would love to see more SBSD with Brooksy

    No ShotNo Shot16 dagar sedan
  • Brooksy is a legend, but this is danny’s territory

    Nottingham Forest Goals!Nottingham Forest Goals!16 dagar sedan
  • I love it when two Irish youtubers do a video

    OllieSuttonOllieSutton16 dagar sedan
  • Andy please do brooksy again he’s so funny

    Adam WhoriskeyAdam Whoriskey17 dagar sedan

    Oliver QueenOliver Queen17 dagar sedan
  • Flashback Chicarito SBSD with Castro

    Patrick CauldrenPatrick Cauldren17 dagar sedan
  • Squad builder showdown on Giroud moments please

    shayan waljishayan walji17 dagar sedan
  • “He’s a cat! He’s Yev Lashin” 26:45

    James HarrisJames Harris18 dagar sedan
  • No Danny on A Wamannnnn I feel sick🤢

    Jogvan JoensenJogvan Joensen18 dagar sedan
    • Ur such a child brooksy is a legend

      Jude hillmanJude hillman17 dagar sedan
  • Up the tic brooksy lad

    Reiss JohnstonReiss Johnston18 dagar sedan
  • Playing clubs and making names like they’re still in school wowwwwww

    Brad NancholasBrad Nancholas18 dagar sedan
    • bit of fun fella

      Chris PacketChris Packet17 dagar sedan
  • Brooksy looking fresh

    cormac murphycormac murphy18 dagar sedan
  • If Scally had a wife she would be a ScallyWAG

    Jamie RiccardoJamie Riccardo18 dagar sedan
  • You lost a subscriber because you got greedy and put your good squad builder showdown vids in the "Members only videos". You suck man!

    Dushyant KinhaDushyant Kinha19 dagar sedan
  • Can I just say what a waste of loo roll

    ZapRealityZapReality19 dagar sedan
  • Next fifa you need to do a squad builder show down league

    glynn dennissglynn denniss19 dagar sedan
  • its docherty my last name

    Txlyr FnTxlyr Fn19 dagar sedan
  • GET HIM DA HELL ATAHHEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    matthew taylormatthew taylor19 dagar sedan
  • Danny Aaron’s should be here

    Dank YayoDank Yayo19 dagar sedan
  • This isn’t right

    Dank YayoDank Yayo19 dagar sedan
  • Aj3 is a snake

    Ben Sam25Ben Sam2519 dagar sedan
  • Get mcjell on this man

    warmywarmy19 dagar sedan
  • thats a cool new guest make sure he returns

    Maksymilian ReiterMaksymilian Reiter19 dagar sedan
  • Brooksys channel hasn’t been doing the greatest recently this gave it a really big boost

    Adam WhoriskeyAdam Whoriskey19 dagar sedan
  • i like brooksy he seems chill, could’ve picked a better player tho lmao

    RxnxmRxnxm19 dagar sedan
  • pro clubs with the boys at night is something special

    Alan BergielAlan Bergiel19 dagar sedan
  • We love an Irishman

    Alex SBAlex SB19 dagar sedan
  • Last time I watch brooksy was over a year ago and looks totally different. Fair Play👍

    Toby HandToby Hand19 dagar sedan
  • Wow cheat

    Erlend RøstenErlend Røsten19 dagar sedan
  • Will we get one with w2s coz he needs content or miniminter live to see him

    Noah LawtonNoah Lawton19 dagar sedan
  • Aj3 finally joined the Waman side!!!!!!!

    James KeeleyJames Keeley19 dagar sedan
  • waman without danny is nothing

    William AnderssonWilliam Andersson19 dagar sedan
  • Is he actually Irish? I couldn't tell but luckily the Ireland top gave it away....

    MFC ChrisMFC Chris20 dagar sedan
  • Do it with manny on bolingoli

    Al3XC70Al3XC7020 dagar sedan
  • POV: you clicked this vid for Danny Aarons

    JeezsJeezs20 dagar sedan
  • No Danny Aaron’s :(

    Fluffy CurtisFluffy Curtis20 dagar sedan
  • The weight loss on bro is crazy congrats

    Erickson MataErickson Mata20 dagar sedan

    CarterJwPCarterJwP20 dagar sedan
  • Andros can you do a sbsd on lusimi rollin or ketkeophomphone

    Parisael 1930Parisael 193020 dagar sedan
  • This should of been Danny

    Lewis KaneLewis Kane20 dagar sedan
  • It’s not danny arons 🤣😭😭😭

    Cameron ATKINSONCameron ATKINSON20 dagar sedan
  • Just heard that VVD is going to Barca, is this true?

    Completelyrandomc0ntent On Tik TokCompletelyrandomc0ntent On Tik Tok20 dagar sedan
  • Was waiting for the day AJ pulled out that Melia-Opara link. Shame it isn’t a perfect link like it would have been a couple years ago

    Jon QuattlebaumJon Quattlebaum20 dagar sedan
  • Man like Yev Lashin 26:49

    Максим КутузовМаксим Кутузов20 dagar sedan
  • Saw Andy's cb's and GK coming a mileeeee off

    lewis wildlewis wild20 dagar sedan
  • whose faster wamangituka or mbappe

    matthew taylormatthew taylor20 dagar sedan

    William JacksonWilliam Jackson20 dagar sedan
  • Brooksys jaw is on fucking steroids 😂🤣

    Walton 98Walton 9820 dagar sedan
  • Why does AJ get to use muller but, not this other guy?

    zTAG-IGNITEzTAG-IGNITE20 dagar sedan
  • there’s sooooo much waffling at the start of every video

    rhys hendersonrhys henderson20 dagar sedan
  • And you call Itani a cheat 😂

    ShortySan86ShortySan8620 dagar sedan
  • Shout out to all of the Irishmen

    Luan GashiLuan Gashi20 dagar sedan
  • ❤️ from Poland and 👍 for picking classic Opara

    Jan GibasJan Gibas20 dagar sedan
  • this guys alright but not doing this with danny is CRIMINAL

    hugh G. Rectionhugh G. Rection20 dagar sedan
  • 26:48 are we gonna talk about brooksy saying yev lashin, instead of of glorious lev yashin

    Lewis BaileyLewis Bailey20 dagar sedan
  • Good hoops fans as guest☘👌

    Ben McCrumlishBen McCrumlish20 dagar sedan
  • Should’ve done McGeady with brooksy mate

    CallumoCallumo20 dagar sedan
  • The fact some fellas crying over Danny Aaron’s

    CallumoCallumo20 dagar sedan

    CallumoCallumo20 dagar sedan
  • I havent watched brooksy in ages I genuinely didn’t recognise him the guy has lost a lot of weight fair play👍🏼

    sxmsxm20 dagar sedan
  • great video

    Andrew ShoreAndrew Shore20 dagar sedan
  • Get beanomm on for this

    Callum BakerCallum Baker20 dagar sedan
  • Why’d you not say Dundalk :(

    TheJohnMacaTheJohnMaca20 dagar sedan
  • Ight bruh I was excited for this then saw it wasn’t Danny and I’m pissed

    Peter MaciejkoPeter Maciejko20 dagar sedan
  • My last name is Brooks and everyone calls me brooksy at school for my nickname😂

    Dan brooksDan brooks20 dagar sedan
  • Aj3 = 🐍

    Wack SmackWack Smack20 dagar sedan
  • When it’s an Irishman doing it, is it a Doherty Double?

    Jack CooganJack Coogan20 dagar sedan
  • 12:47 why would he write down an Italian icon when El shaarawy only needs a weak link?

    mortezzmortezz20 dagar sedan
  • Can you please shut up about Danny Aarons

    mortezzmortezz20 dagar sedan
  • Brooksy gives such good vibes, you shoud have him on a lot more Andy

    FroZenFroZen20 dagar sedan
  • I like how he was using tp for he’s white borad

    TTV CalvingriTTV Calvingri20 dagar sedan
  • Do a squad builder showdown on the bender brodthers

    Gustav NorbergGustav Norberg20 dagar sedan
  • gotta be the most disliked aj3 vid just cause it’s not danny aarons 🤣 gotta feel bad for the lad

    Jamie KaluJamie Kalu20 dagar sedan
  • Bandy is the best youtuber ever

    Yuo GhiYuo Ghi20 dagar sedan
  • My respect for andy got not picking danny aarons📉📉📉

    Sebastian LojanderSebastian Lojander20 dagar sedan
  • You should do a squad bilder showdown with Zano, he is an italian youtuber and streamer

    Lorenzo GislerLorenzo Gisler20 dagar sedan
  • We now need orsic

    Lewis BennettLewis Bennett20 dagar sedan
  • He did wamang with out Danny arrows

    Alfie GamesAlfie Games20 dagar sedan

    Charles WilsonCharles Wilson20 dagar sedan
  • Why is this not with Danny

    Leighton EdwardsLeighton Edwards20 dagar sedan
  • he’s so boring lmao

    Hjerrild246Hjerrild24620 dagar sedan
  • What was the derry girls saying that Andy always used to say????

    Craig TunstallCraig Tunstall20 dagar sedan
  • Why didn’t u do it with s Danny

    Leonardo BravenboerLeonardo Bravenboer20 dagar sedan
  • We want Danny Aarons

    haiderhaider20 dagar sedan
  • Danny looking different here

    Haqcream EggHaqcream Egg20 dagar sedan
  • I honestly feel bad for Brooksy, I enjoyed this video even tho there was no Danny for waman. All these toxic kids just moaning at Brooksy and giving him hate because Danny didn’t come on, honestly just stfu and don’t watch the video if you don’t like it. Also, don’t give him hate on his channel it’s just unnecessary. Well anyways, brilliant video as always Andy!

    KazooKazoo20 dagar sedan
  • we need mcjell on sbsd

    Krísh.Krísh.20 dagar sedan