ICON PLAYER PICK SBC!!! Fifa 21 Pack And Play

Pack And Play becomes PICK AND PLAY with the Fifa 21 Icon Swaps ICON PICK SBC!!! #Fifa21 #IconPick #PackAndPlay
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  • Andy,and James wearing the same glasses🤣

    serananaxserananax3 dagar sedan
  • Laudrup van der sar zannetti

    Tommy AustinTommy Austin19 dagar sedan

    Mason FarleyMason Farley21 dag sedan

    Isaac McGregorIsaac McGregor22 dagar sedan
  • Pack and play future legend buequests player moments. Everyone packs him

    Holden kammHolden kamm22 dagar sedan
  • tomori is in serie a hahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahaha

    Jaime-Leigh CooperJaime-Leigh Cooper26 dagar sedan
  • You picked an atalanta rb but used a rm at rb

    Thomas TurpinThomas Turpin27 dagar sedan
  • 400th comment! Great vid guys.

    Ariane ClarkeAriane ClarkeMånad sedan
  • The hushed play encouragingly pine because eggnog macropharmacologically trot modulo a obtainable laundry. alcoholic, nice kohlrabi

    Querida TessQuerida TessMånad sedan
  • I got rivaldo lol so lucky

    XxlilbouxX YT BTWXxlilbouxX YT BTWMånad sedan
  • Strakoska!🇦🇱🇦🇱

    itsjust Elsonitsjust ElsonMånad sedan
  • You could have swapped the icon and auoar

    Haseeb RehmanHaseeb RehmanMånad sedan
  • Yes very true

    HarryWasHereHarryWasHereMånad sedan
  • Why is jovic a meme player

    Harry BruhHarry BruhMånad sedan
  • Ngl this guy on the right is so bad and so jarring

    AseqAseqMånad sedan
  • Did anyone realise that manolas’s shooting is 25 XD

    Trickshots LazyboiTrickshots LazyboiMånad sedan
  • Why aouar when there was ospina

    Flickz_clanFlickz_clanMånad sedan
  • And packed the same pack 2 times

    SRAE GIBSRAE GIBMånad sedan
  • How does he not emmmm ..... got out my way Uhhhhh

    Angus InglisAngus InglisMånad sedan
  • That’s crazy how James got fabyananski

    StrattonGoesMadStrattonGoesMadMånad sedan
  • The bashful zinc feraly analyse because cheek expectably confuse an a chilly iron. profuse, parallel reading

    Stevie PrestonStevie PrestonMånad sedan
  • takes u 5 minutes to start the video y’all can talk before u record

    poppop caveatpoppop caveat2 månader sedan
  • rippppp play a 3-4-1-2 stoichkov cam sanson striker and auor striker and you have 100 chem lool

    Theo KyriaziTheo Kyriazi2 månader sedan
  • That’s a joke tha in mine I got makeles rw as the best somehow

    MaggiesinthemudMaggiesinthemud2 månader sedan
  • 20:00 atleast pick bakayoko

    Lukas •Lukas •2 månader sedan
  • Valtterri, it’s James

    damian senz suazabaldamian senz suazabal2 månader sedan
  • Not sure why I expected Andy to start screaming Tamori got the job on a technicality and a fool after calling him a clown

    Curtis SharpeCurtis Sharpe2 månader sedan
  • How’s James saying the legend bolingoli isn’t good

    Jakeychan05Jakeychan052 månader sedan
  • 91 Cruyff from 89 mid icon pack

    barry mccanbarry mccan2 månader sedan
  • Andys disrespect on Fabianski is out of order. Top 5 keepers in the prem. better than pickford

    Robbie TunnRobbie Tunn2 månader sedan
  • Luka Jovic

    Raheem_SkillsRaheem_Skills2 månader sedan
  • Anyone pissed off how Andy took malcuit up top over bakayoko

    Nathan ClemensonNathan Clemenson2 månader sedan
  • I'm a like begger, like this comment

    Jonah HubbleJonah Hubble2 månader sedan
  • got pele

    Lily HarleyLily Harley2 månader sedan
  • I got base Essien out of the base icon pack

    Bob GunterBob Gunter2 månader sedan
  • 20:00 why malcuit when there was Bakayoko...

    JokemenJokemen2 månader sedan
    • True

      MysticVote2MysticVote2Månad sedan
  • got puskas, r9 and van der sar lol i obvs picked r9

    Max AllenMax Allen2 månader sedan

    JIM PAP 1926JIM PAP 19262 månader sedan
  • I got desailly in a base icon pack

    SR BEZERKSR BEZERK2 månader sedan
  • U missed FUT Freeze Aquar

    Overwatch and FIFA tips and tricksOverwatch and FIFA tips and tricks2 månader sedan
  • Why didn’t he pick de roon links to van deijk and the seria players

    Jasper StewratJasper Stewrat2 månader sedan
  • Both Andy and James: "Don't need any editing on this video!" Video: *all the build-up play edited out* .....

    bdm6985bdm69852 månader sedan
  • Got Drogba from Base Icon and then took vidic so not bad

    Robin LarssonRobin Larsson2 månader sedan
  • Andy would’ve got his first 100 chem pack and play since 2018 if he used the tsikimas he got in the last pack and played a 433 formation with malcuit in at rb and taking out tomori for vvd

    Jake ConnollyJake Connolly2 månader sedan
  • I did base icon and for Raul. He's a terrible striker but he's alright at cam.

    Robin SmythRobin Smyth2 månader sedan
  • did anyone get annoyed at him using malcuit over bakayoko

    Red CirreRed Cirre2 månader sedan
  • Westham 5th płace in EPL with Fabiański in the goal

    Tadeusz JagniewskiTadeusz Jagniewski2 månader sedan
  • Cool video

    Bear The RoarBear The Roar2 månader sedan
  • Anyone realise that georginio didn't get a link with lozano ea have lost there heads

    Aaron KitsonAaron Kitson2 månader sedan
  • I swear James picked Maehler? An actually RB from Atalanta? 🤔

    Calu5m HopkinsCalu5m Hopkins2 månader sedan
  • I got base rijkard in a base pack. And Messi in the 25× 83...

    M TM T2 månader sedan

    Nathan WattsNathan Watts2 månader sedan
  • Do a sbsd with bateson or matthd

    Bartdm 2086Bartdm 20862 månader sedan
  • Dias wouldve strong linked with fernandunho

    Rhys HillRhys Hill2 månader sedan
  • I got dalglish and roy keane

    the big Hossmanthe big Hossman2 månader sedan
  • Is there team of the year let's see

    xFahad saifamthalxFahad saifamthal2 månader sedan
  • Andy i am a big fan of u and i have a suggestion for SBSD The suggestion is that if the other player guesses your formation now they have a choice to pick 2 icons rather than giving u another formation or picking two trump cards

    _Who Me?__Who Me?_2 månader sedan
  • 99 thumbs down don't put it 100

    master peacemaster peace2 månader sedan
  • How did you disrespect bolingoli

    FPR ClipsFPR Clips2 månader sedan
  • ollie watkins trim makes hitler look like hes got a taste in style

    Matty BlackMatty Black2 månader sedan
  • Wouldn’t just had to swap the 2 strikers to get 100 Chem?

    JDJD2 månader sedan
  • Little did they know the 50k packs were actually lightning round

    Darragh LarkinDarragh Larkin2 månader sedan
  • Andy should do a SBSD with castro

    Malik ElkhatibMalik Elkhatib2 månader sedan
  • Fifalosphy in his road to liverpool hé got cruyf and eto and best

    Sven BraekenSven Braeken2 månader sedan
  • Gets lozano is a pack, has tons of informs ... Oakley : ill have his normal version

    LouayLouay2 månader sedan
  • Why not take Bakayoko instead of Malcuit and put him striker? He'd be 10 chem

    MarkMark2 månader sedan
  • james is a prick stoichkov is a quality player and a ballon d’or winner put respect on his name

    LeVasilev514LeVasilev5142 månader sedan
  • James opened too many packs

    David CummingsDavid Cummings2 månader sedan
  • Can you please do squad builder showdown uncut please

    Cayla JacksonCayla Jackson2 månader sedan
  • If you would have taken Bakayoko insted of Malcuit you could have played him striker and played Stoichkov in cm that would have been 100 chem.

    Logi BirnirLogi Birnir2 månader sedan
  • manny watchers FUMING that James called Lukaka (Bolingoli) bad 😑

    Nathan EngelbrechtNathan Engelbrecht2 månader sedan
  • Who else realised Andy packed pickford and van dijk in 1 pack

    Kael CoppackKael Coppack2 månader sedan
  • Andy talk so much😂

    Born KinburanBorn Kinburan2 månader sedan
  • Biggest disappointment of 2021: Andy actually not naming the episode pick and play

    Naka MishiNaka Mishi2 månader sedan
  • fifa in a nutshell

    Esa RintakorpiEsa Rintakorpi2 månader sedan
  • how dare james say bolin goly is bad @manny

    Menace USGMenace USG2 månader sedan
  • I opened two icon packs and got kluivert and Owen paaaaaaiiiiin

    I’m a potatoI’m a potato2 månader sedan

    I am parzivalI am parzival2 månader sedan
  • Ings was bad cuz James used his IF his headliner is about 1000% better

    Harold HCDHarold HCD2 månader sedan
  • 19:30 wouldn’t bakayoko be better?

    Henry TanHenry Tan2 månader sedan
  • I got ruud vanistrooy out of my icon pack(baby)

    Mister GreatMister Great2 månader sedan
  • Everton 0-1 West ham

    Freddie FentonFreddie Fenton2 månader sedan
  • Bulgaria 🇧🇬

    Ivaka 3DBIvaka 3DB2 månader sedan
  • Stoichkov is a beast

    Kerem CengizKerem Cengiz2 månader sedan
  • Andy packs van dijk next thing pickford pops up

    Harry CollinsonHarry Collinson2 månader sedan
  • used mine for the base icon got guardiola but then used the rest for 83 x25 and 85x 5 and 2 125s and in the 85 x5 got toty kimmich

    Freddie ButlerFreddie Butler2 månader sedan
  • I got beckham

    Olly4507Olly45072 månader sedan
  • andy was the curse for havertz playing so bad

    Joshua FernandesJoshua Fernandes2 månader sedan
  • i got Makelele

    OGJ GamingOGJ Gaming2 månader sedan
  • Can someone tell me the celebration they both use when they score, the one where they turn around and stand still?

    Prem PankhaniaPrem Pankhania2 månader sedan
  • swap stoichkov and hassem

    Midget_ Knows_bestMidget_ Knows_best2 månader sedan
  • You should do a pack and play prank and just pretend you packed really good players

    Jack FitzgeraldJack Fitzgerald2 månader sedan
  • Why didn’t Andy play bakayoko up front instead of malcuit

    Louis JohnstonLouis Johnston2 månader sedan
  • Andy can u do a squad builder showdown on maddisons new inform that would be a banger

    TOM_AK06TOM_AK062 månader sedan
  • I did base or mid icon pack and got baby litmanen

    Max CutlerMax Cutler2 månader sedan
  • Got drogba prime in the mid or prime pack

    Ewan CarlinEwan Carlin2 månader sedan
  • I got Eusebio in my player pick so I’m wishing you my luck

    SamBSamB2 månader sedan
  • who loves mcdonalds breakie

    james sheehanjames sheehan2 månader sedan
  • I got big Rio

    Tom is good at gamesTom is good at games2 månader sedan
  • Used 10 swaps for mid 89-rated scholes - he's less than 200k :((

    Jacob CarstensJacob Carstens2 månader sedan