GUARANTEED 85+ SBC PACKS!!! Fifa 21 What If Pack And Play

FIVE 85+ SBC PACK!!! Pack And Play vs the Fish on the guaranteed 5x 85+ rated player #Fifa21 #PackAndPlay #SBC
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  • Ur sooo toxic

    Barney MTB FootyBarney MTB Footy12 dagar sedan
  • am i the only person to have normal blue ucl brandt

    Charlie HillCharlie Hill28 dagar sedan
  • Want to personally tell Oakley get it up him he’s so salty

    Lewis GovanLewis GovanMånad sedan
  • Does Oakley forget he’s supposed to be entertaining

    Lee_GebsLee_GebsMånad sedan
  • Oakley need to lean dobbel tap when you tramp, i just feel like he just past normally

    Born KinburanBorn KinburanMånad sedan
  • Try get castro on

    Final Third FooballFinal Third FooballMånad sedan
  • How do you get player picks???

    Luke KaliskiLuke KaliskiMånad sedan
  • I thought Oakley was depressed or something but everyone in the comments is saying he’s just salty

    Saif MalikSaif MalikMånad sedan
  • I packed the 91 kante in a 81+ I only opened like 6 and I got two walkouts and than the big what if kante jst sitting on my team untradable ahha

    Tiernan GibneyTiernan GibneyMånad sedan
  • Stop doing videos with Oakley I beg. I’m not surprised he’s not gained any subs in years, whenever he’s on someone else’s channel he seems like he doesn’t even wanna be there

    Wanye KestWanye KestMånad sedan
  • Andy knows it's a dub everytime he plays Oakley, it's quite boring to watch tbh.

    Connor RConnor RMånad sedan
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    andre jiklandre jiklMånad sedan
  • I mean putting benzema and morata in an icon sbc is not a punishment he should put them in a gold upgrade

    Zaid AlkhatibZaid AlkhatibMånad sedan
  • Do a squad builder showdawn cavani

    John JoensenJohn JoensenMånad sedan
  • Andy: my pack luck is bad. Also Andy: I’ve just packed toty kdb!!!!!

    Archie ClemenceArchie ClemenceMånad sedan
  • Oakley is so shit 😭😭😭😭

    Levi NicholsonLevi NicholsonMånad sedan
  • When Andy was talking about the shark celebration he might as well be talking to a wall, you’d get more of a response out of it

    TheseTopClipsTheseTopClipsMånad sedan
  • he sounds like nepethez

    Yusuf IsseYusuf IsseMånad sedan
  • Please dont play with oakley when he´s so salty. Really bringing everyone down watching

    Magnus WengMagnus WengMånad sedan
  • Up the toffees

    Harri RobsonHarri RobsonMånad sedan
  • The Bernat decision was bloody awful

    Lewis FosterLewis FosterMånad sedan
  • When they said benzema at the same time

    William AngusWilliam AngusMånad sedan
  • James looks like such a goon 😂

    BakedBobby YhBakedBobby YhMånad sedan
  • Petition for Bauman to go into an sbc

    Reegan Scott 15Reegan Scott 15Månad sedan
  • We need I repeat need a sbsd with manny on bolingoli Idc I'd love to see that

  • you heard of eriksen-delany link, but did you hear about *oblak-kampl* link?

    Naka MishiNaka MishiMånad sedan
  • oakley literally just did the 86 squad for the cheapest price, morata and benzama are just fodder. hardly a discard

    Stan WeirStan WeirMånad sedan
  • I was crying when Andy picked Taison over Bernat

    Fróði Reyr HákonarsonFróði Reyr HákonarsonMånad sedan
  • I got The french cm what if and 4 85 from my 85+ pack😭

    Fróði Reyr HákonarsonFróði Reyr HákonarsonMånad sedan
  • Anyone else notice that the screen is pushed down 😂

    UtrixUtrixMånad sedan
  • I love this series but imo it would be much better if they both opened the featured pack and the other person would not have to buy the featured player pack.

    Sam NenideSam NenideMånad sedan
  • Andy > Picks Verratti for LM > Doesn't pick Bernat GGWP

    vUnique BenvUnique BenMånad sedan
  • You missed the 5th goal in the game

    LOUIS CollinsLOUIS CollinsMånad sedan
  • Oakley doesn't look happy, hope hes alr

    Le_fluff05Le_fluff05Månad sedan

  • why oakley so mad lol

    irishshaggyirishshaggyMånad sedan
  • I don’t think it’s right for Oakley to put them into the icon sbc because he would of had to put players similar in rating to them anyway

    Callum.H56Callum.H56Månad sedan
  • It'S nOt FaIr He DiDn'T dIsCaRd BaUmAnN

    laurencio_laurencio_Månad sedan
  • I done this SBC and got UCL MOTM Mbappe wtf haha it was mad

    Billy RoscoeBilly RoscoeMånad sedan
  • i packed a 95 ronaldo from those picks

    TonisplayzTonisplayzMånad sedan
  • Thought it was lingard in the thumbnail

    MrBossMrBossMånad sedan
  • toty lewandoski

    Markus Kjellgren BJ7B BjörnekullaskolanMarkus Kjellgren BJ7B BjörnekullaskolanMånad sedan
  • Everton vs West Brom and I support westmbrom

    Cam MurphyCam MurphyMånad sedan
  • Oaklyfish has 0 IQ

    XRT_BRUTE2008XRT_BRUTE2008Månad sedan
  • I don't really like Oakley man.

    Dheeraj SanthoshDheeraj SanthoshMånad sedan
  • Why does no-one ever talk about how it says fifa 20 gameplay in the description???

    Joshua McPhersonJoshua McPhersonMånad sedan
  • Why don't you do just a simple FIFA game where you decide EVERYTHING you want in ur team?

    Shashwat RoyShashwat RoyMånad sedan
    • whats the fun in that?

      The LoyalistThe LoyalistMånad sedan
  • i have nothing to comment but i liked the video and i want you tonearn moneyn so i also commented

    Liem GilLiem GilMånad sedan
  • Oakley should have swapped thiago with parejo, so he would have had more chem

    Patrik MészárosPatrik MészárosMånad sedan
  • Am I the only one who thinks Oakley didn’t even discard anything he literally just used the values of them

    Afan PašukanAfan PašukanMånad sedan
  • Andy when did you score the goal to make it 4-1

    ian Vassian VassMånad sedan
  • Andy u should do a sbsd by using a Google app called fifa roasters and go to fut spins and spin and what players u get u need to use? I think its a good idea

    Palmer GuirenPalmer GuirenMånad sedan
  • I got 89 bernardo silva

    Carlo HodgsonCarlo HodgsonMånad sedan
  • do sbsd on wif Kante please with ITANI

    CSF alithechampCSF alithechampMånad sedan
  • Oakley looks so unmotivated every video lmfaooo

    George PhillipGeorge PhillipMånad sedan
  • Stop recording with this guy. He’s a mood killer!!!

    Ao3 ChannelAo3 ChannelMånad sedan
  • This game is trasshh

    Jelle [AMG]Jelle [AMG]Månad sedan
  • He’s put the players he’s meant to discard in an sbc that he’d have put them in anyways, how is that a punishment?

    Annan AtiqAnnan AtiqMånad sedan
  • Uh

    Nights_ DznNights_ DznMånad sedan
  • I hate it when Oakley is losing. Just salty, not blaming him because it's natural

    akieez31akieez31Månad sedan
    • Andy always try his best to liven up the mood

      akieez31akieez31Månad sedan
  • 👍🏻

    Josh RussellJosh RussellMånad sedan
  • I got the what if Sancho in player picks haha!!!

    Bgallen 2003Bgallen 2003Månad sedan
  • 20:00 welcome

    Lezion EllisLezion EllisMånad sedan
    • 46:00

      Lezion EllisLezion EllisMånad sedan
  • Can u do one on the icon player pick sbc as well Andy

    Ozzy BurdinoOzzy BurdinoMånad sedan
  • favorite duo. simple as that.

    AlexAlexMånad sedan
  • It’s not a forfeit if u use them in an icon sbc, you’d use a benzema and Morata anyway🤦‍♂️

    Billy HarrisBilly HarrisMånad sedan
  • Though I was going mad when I saw th scoreline switch from 3-1 to 4-1 without seeing the goal 🤣

    David TeasdaleDavid TeasdaleMånad sedan
  • This video and the bingo with tom has got me addicted to these picks

    OscarM452OscarM452Månad sedan
  • Andy: knowing my luck i will get something terrible Also Andy: packs if Mane, toty De Bruyne, Garrincha etc

    Patrick HookPatrick HookMånad sedan
  • Didnt want to see Andys 4th goal anyway

    Bradley WortleyBradley WortleyMånad sedan
  • I got 5 85s out of mine

    Conner PeabodyConner PeabodyMånad sedan
  • its annoyed me how andy didnt pick bernat for thestrong link to verrati

    Jude WJude WMånad sedan
  • Mate a got 5 85s de ligt, insigne, de jong, parejo, thiago silva

    Cynic WoodyCynic WoodyMånad sedan
  • 2:19 “he’s not only a goalkeeper, but he’s a goalkeeper with a special card” he’s not only a goalkeeper with a special card, he’s a goalkeeper with a special card who is 5’11

    Edmundo SaldivarEdmundo SaldivarMånad sedan
  • I don’t understand how putting benzema and an if morata into a 86 rated squad for an icon sbc can be classed as a punishment, the only sbcs they should be put in are gold upgrades to give them the least chance of being rewarded for their ‘punishment’

    AWXAWXMånad sedan
  • Is Andy gay? Genuine question no hate

    Jason StathamJason StathamMånad sedan
    • @Alfie Venencia no way. watch his video with kai haverts. he wears the gayest boots ive ever seen

      Jason StathamJason StathamMånad sedan
    • no...... he has a girlfriend...

      Alfie VenenciaAlfie VenenciaMånad sedan
  • Can you bring back search and discard?

    Abdelrahman MahmoudAbdelrahman MahmoudMånad sedan
  • new sbsd twist idea: Squad Builder Showdown BUT it's jack54hd. each section you change the rules

    macklemoremacklemoreMånad sedan
  • Who knows what division Andy is in ? Or his fut champs level. Someone replyyy

    TaniTaniMånad sedan
  • Oakley seems to put no effort into other videos. Not sure if it’s a case of maybe being tired after recording already but always seem quiet and in interested whereas on his channel he’s way different 🤔

    Chanters 24Chanters 24Månad sedan
  • Oakley actually annoyed me so much this vid hes actually so salty

    Kian harveyKian harveyMånad sedan
  • Upload more SBSD

    Mckaylan MahadevMckaylan MahadevMånad sedan
  • Umm.. idk about others but it’s not much of a discard when ur using it in an sbc that u probably would have put it in anyway. It’s different if it’s a valuable card but benzema is literally just fodder and u didn’t really lose anything

    James ScottJames ScottMånad sedan
  • No way this vid was insane

    Zuhoor EllahiZuhoor EllahiMånad sedan
  • I got motm mbappe out of the 5x 85

    Hurly joeHurly joeMånad sedan
  • the last time I was this early Andy didn’t use stinkers!

    Miles LutherMiles LutherMånad sedan
  • Calllllllllllllled it

    Callum NisbetCallum NisbetMånad sedan
  • I legitimately cried when he didn’t take bernat

    DuckInTheMud 10DuckInTheMud 10Månad sedan
  • Hi Andy, do you know how to customize your fotmob widget to show your favourite teams previous and next matches? Love the content, keep it up, hope you're all well!

    Ben GrowdonBen GrowdonMånad sedan
  • No one talking about that saucy oblak - kampl slovenian link🔥

    Petar OpačićPetar OpačićMånad sedan
  • ''5x 85, guaranteed 5 walkouts'' Meanwhile there's me who got MOTM Moreno with the worst dynamic pic ever, Thiago Silva, Frenkie de Jong, Pjanic and Insigne. Great job EA!

    Bryan GoosBryan GoosMånad sedan
  • Great idea glad u guys did this

    Douglas ModicoDouglas ModicoMånad sedan
  • You need to stop making gameplay videos with Oakley. His energy was way off.

    ErikEssienErikEssienMånad sedan
  • Use the TOTY

    IPlaysFIFAIPlaysFIFAMånad sedan
  • Great idea doing a pack and play on player picks

    Artie PlayzArtie PlayzMånad sedan
  • Cant believe he packed totw ronaldo

    Da FrenchladDa FrenchladMånad sedan
  • Should definitely steal James mystery ball idea, pack and play is by far the worst fifa SEslow series at least mystery ball makes it slightly interesting

    AlexAlexMånad sedan
  • When you realize Oakley didnt skip a pick during the player picks 😡😡😡

    Jason ParkerJason ParkerMånad sedan
  • Oakley when he plays Andy he tries so hard lmao

    Jomama SameJomama SameMånad sedan
    • And still gets battered😂

      Marcus rarseclat RashfordMarcus rarseclat RashfordMånad sedan
  • Keep it up andy bro

    Jack CooteJack CooteMånad sedan